Summer Workout – 10 Tips to Make it Your Best

Working out is something I love to do. It clears my mind. It fuels me. It helps make me stronger. It really is for me, my personal zen space. There’s nothing like zoning out for 30-45 minutes at the gym or outside and really just giving my body a terrific workout. Summer workout time is tough to fit in, but I am determined to do it. I always feel so energized and better when I’m done. Working out is definitely more than physical for me, it’s emotional and it’s mental, too. I don’t love it like I wake up dying to workout, but I know what it does for me.

Summer Workout – 10 Tips to Make it Your Best

summer workout for moms

With summer still on “play” right now, make sure you’re enjoying this time and getting yourself in a healthy place with your summer workout. The Olympics are fueling me even more right now and I love that about them. I see these athletes performing and it makes me want to take care of myself. I will never get an Olympic medal, but for me… a fabulous workout is my gold. I’m all about making sure I’m the best version of myself that I can possibly be. That’s the most important to me and it’s something that I’m passionate about going after.

summer workout for moms

I’m excited to share with you some of my tips for your Best Summer Workout.

1. Working out earlier in the day (especially if you’re outside running or biking or walking) is the best thing to do because the temperatures are cooler. You don’t want to be running in 95 degree heat. It’s too hot and you’ll risk getting overheated.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. In the summer – regardless of where you’re working out – make sure you have a water bottle on hand to drink up! I go through tons of water in the summer when I’m working out. This is VERY important!

3. Find a buddy! Working out in the summer gives you so many options. Morning runs. Afternoon walks. Biking. Golf. Hiking. Finding someone to do it with makes it extra fun and makes you accountable! Just make sure it’s someone at your level!

4. Find the perfect device to wear while working out. I love the VerveLife products, which are a new line of wireless, wearable and waterproof devices.

summer workout for moms

This current collection of audio and video products are designed to give freedom for social, on-the-go lifestyles and active parents. My fave product to workout with is the VerveLoop+, it’s wireless earbuds that are super lightweight, sweat and waterproof and have up to 10-hours of battery life. Rock out to all my tunes with these babies on!

5. Create an over-the-top, insanely amazingly PLAYLIST! Make sure it will PUMP YOU UP!

6. Dress yourself for the part. it’s no joke, in the summer – you want breathable clothing. You want your clothing to be great performance wear. Take the time to find the best options for you and invest in some awesome pieces.

7. Mix up your summer workouts with some cross training. Since the weather is so awesome in the summer, take the time to do something outside each week and mix it up. Maybe a hike one morning. Maybe a bike ride the next. Run/job around the neighborhood the next day. Mix all that up with some great cardio classes at your gym. The summer is the best time to mix workouts up because you have such great weather options.

8. Find some great workout apps to download on your phone. You can track your route, your pace and your timing while out. This will help keep you on pace and let you know how you are doing during your actual workout.

9. Find activities to do in the summer with your kids that will give you a workout. Pop your child in a running stroller. Family hike. Canoeing in the local lake. Family bike ride. Some of the best summer workout for moms happen when you’re with your family and when you’re happy! Enjoy this time!

10. Pace yourself. Set yourself weekly and monthly goals. There’s still plenty of time left this summer to get yourself started or to keep yourself going!

Happy Summer Workout everyone!

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