Best Marriage Ammo Ever 

I’m not outdoorsy.

OK, let me rephrase… I’m not naturally an outdoorsy girl. Outdoorsy to me is laying out at the beach, that’s the best I can do. That’s all I really love to do outdoors.

Last week we decided as a family that we all needed a vacation. It’s been a long summer filled with swimming, work and baseball – we needed a “nothing” vacation. 

I’ve been dying to head to Martha’s Vineyard for more than a day trip for such a long time! We all agreed that Martha’s Vineyard would be perfect. Next step, finding a hotel. They were all over $450+ a night for 7 people, which was too nuts for me to pay. I found a few places in Cape Cod that were perfect, but my husband knew that Martha’s Vibeyard had my heart.

So he found a compromise.

Camping for $80 a night in Martha’s Vineyard. He and the boys would have their dream vacation and I would have my dream spot.

Honestly, I jumped at it.

I’ll dish on the trip later, but let me just say – this is the perfect marriage ammo.

“You remember that time I camped?”


It will be used! ?

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