Almost a Teenager! Happy 12th Birthday to William!

Today my William turns 12 years old.


How and when did 12 happen?

I simply can’t believe it.

William is my first baby. He’s my trail blazer. He’s the one I worry about first about (well) everything! I prayed and wished and hoped hard for William. I remember the first time I took a pregnancy test to see if I was pregnant, it came up negative and I was DEVASTATED! I couldn’t sworn I was pregnant! I remember crying for 3 days, just because I really thought I was pregnant. After 3 days (and still nothing – if you get my drift!) I re-tested… and still not 2 lines, actually there were no lines. It turned out we had the test upside down! When Matt turned it over, there were 2 gorgeous, pink lines and I screamed!! I was PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

William arrived 40 weeks later, right smack on his due date – September 25th! The second they placed him in my arms, I was in love. My William was here. Everything I had wanted was right there in my arms.

To celebrate this little boy today is something I love to do! William is the perfect son. I swear – if you know William – you know I’m not exaggerating. He is sweet and kind and funny and serious and just a love bug. He’s super smart, super driven and super determined… all on his own. William is just the best big brother and son and I couldn’t have asked for more… he’s my everything.


Every birthday I make a video montage for the kids, I’m excited to share with you William’s. This one was an emotional one for me to make. I was able to dig up a ton of old videos to include, it really hit home that my baby is 12, almost a teenager!

Happy Birthday William!!

I love you CRAZY!

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