An easy-to-use RCA Large Display Alarm Clock that I can actually SEE

An easy-to-use RCA Large Display Alarm Clock that I can actually SEE…

Just about a year-and-a-half ago, during some home renovations that my husband and I were doing, I misplaccd lost a large display alarm clock that I loved. It had sat on my nightstand like a good friend (or going back a step further, like my Mom when I was a kid), ready to wake me up when it was time to go-go.

It wasn’t a fancy clock. It didn’t have an AM/FM radio function. It had neither a USB charging station nor a calendar function. It didn’t have a touch sensor or creative sounds.

It simply represented my transition from night to day. Evening to morning. Moon to sun. Darkness to light with a LARGE RED DIGITAL DISPLAY OF NUMBERS.


And it was EASY to use, easy as when I was a kid setting my own bedroom nightstand clock for reminders to drift off to sleep or to get myself out of bed in the morning.

How much can one love a clock?

I loved that clock. A quick peek at its large numbers gave this old gal permission to sleep for a few more minutes, or sometimes hours. It gave me instant gratification that I knew the correct time, and there’s something so comforting about knowing the TIME in the darkness of night. It didn’t steal priceless moments of putting on my glasses to see the DVD clock function all the way across the room or the numbers on my iPhone… and by that time, I was wide awake anyway.

Why did I wait so long to replace this clock? Easy answer: I don’t know. I guess I only thought about this dilemma when I went to bed, not during my waking hours.

Last week, I perused Amazon Prime and ordered one of dozens of clocks highlighted. There was one word, just one word, that made all the difference to me in my search.


I ordered the “easy” RCA alarm clock. It arrived the next day. I read all about setting its functions in a fraction of the time it took me to finish a cup of iced coffee.



I placed the clock on my nightstand. I woke up a couple of times during the first night with my new companion, as I always do. I checked the time in less than priceless moments.

I loved it, because this is an example of what I could clearly see.


Because this is what I would have seen without my new best friend clock and force me to fumble for my glasses and all-in-all wake me completely up…



  • 1.4″ Red LED Display
  • Large full-width snooze button
  • Alarm Indicator
  • Brightness control: high/low display setting
  • No Worry battery back-up (9V Battery Not Included)
  • All for $11.22

And the best nights’ sleeps I’ve had in more than a year-and-a-half since my old clock was misplaced lost.

My perfect transition from night to day for this old new gal!

It’s the simple things…




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