ALDI Little Journey

My sister just had her 2nd baby, a baby girl, on May 25th. Baby Eve is the cutest little baby, joining her big 2-year-old brother Brian, who is as cute as a button, too! With Victoria being 3 years old, she’s the “older” kid of the younger cousins. It’s very bittersweet because there’s nothing I love more than a little baby! I loved when all 5 of my kids were babies. I look at them now – 3, 8, 9, 10 and 11 – and I don’t know where time went! It flew by way too fast! We’re definitely done having kids at this point, so I live vicariously through my sister and her little family right now. Every time I hold my niece, I just want to hold her extra tight! I love sharing some great tips that I find out there – one of which being – ALDI Little Journey.

ALDI Little Journey


There’s just something about them.

They make the world a better place.

One thing I love about being a blogger is the opportunity to share tips and advice and information with moms and dads. Having babies and then raising them is the hardest job in the world, so when I can pass along any tidbits that could and would make a mom’s life easier, I jump at the chance!

After having 5 kids myself, I know first-hand how difficult it can be at times rushing around to different places trying to get all your family’s needs. It’s always a blessing when everything is just in one spot and convenient and easy for you to pick up and go! If you’re an ALDI shopper, ALDI has just made grocery shopping easier for you and your baby. They have introduced their newest baby line Little Journey to their stores across the country – ALDI Little Journey!

ALDI Little Journey

ALDI Little Journey

Now during your ALDI trips, you can stock up one some baby essentials right in store for your family!

Looking for these kinds of items?

  1. Diapers/wipes
  2. (*If need be) Formula

Since my sister is knee-deep in diapers with her 2 children, I was happy to share the news with her about the Little Journey offerings. She lives close to an ALDI store, too – so I loved being able to let her know that she can pick up baby items on her grocery trips to ALDI now! For all moms and dads out there, ALDI offers Little Journey diapers in the various sizes: Newborn, Size 1-6 and Training Pants. Newborn features umbilical cord cutouts, along with an ultra-soft silk-spun backsheet and wetness indicator. And – last but not least – Training Pants for active boys and girls in the potty training stage. Just so you have a good gauge of the features of the diapers – stretchable waist and side panels, dual leg cuffs, hypoallergenic, vitamin E and aloe, as well as 12 hour leakage protection.

ALDI Little Journey ALDI Little Journey

ALDI Little Journey

Also having baby wipes on hand at ALDI, too – which go hand in hand with diapers – is so convenient! They are hypoallergenic, quilted for softness and have 3 layers to prevent tears. It’s great to have this option for your babies during your routine ALDI trips.

ALDI Little Journey

ALDI Little Journey

Since I was never able to breastfeed my children, I relied on formula. It was my only option and it was something that I needed to depend on for the well-being of my babies. If you’re like me, ALDI offers formula, too. I mean, this is a wonderful option for moms and dads out there needing to take the formula route for their babies. You can purchase Little Journey Baby Formula right at ALDI. I personally love how they have many different options for the many different needs that a baby might have.

ALDI Little Journey

There’s Infant and Advantage, which both contain DHA, choline and vitamin E like breast milk.

There’s Gentle, with reduced level of lactose that’s easy to digest. If your baby is experiencing fussiness or gas, this option is available. Also contains DHA (omega-3) and ARA (omega-6).

There’s Sensitivity, with reduced level of lactose that’s easy to digest. Again if your baby is experiencing fussiness or gas, this option is available. Also contains DHA (omega-3) and ARA (omega-6).

There’s Soy, which is easy to digest and helps control gas and fussiness, too. This contains DHA, lutein, vitamin E and choline. This formula is lactose free.

There’s Toddler, which contains DHA and iron for brain development. This supports digestive health with prebiotics. This also contains calcium and vitamin D for strong bones.

ALDI Little Journey

Again, if this is an option you need to take for your baby, it’s great to know that you can purchase during your routine grocery trips at ALDI. You can’t beat the price savings and you’re able to decide what formula option is best for your baby. Important to note for moms and dads, Little Journey formulas meet strict FDA standards and are recommended by top nutritionists and pediatricians.

Raising babies isn’t always easy. It’s wonderful to know that there are some things that are easy for moms and dads out there. I love being able to spread the news about the family offerings at ALDI with their new Little Journey line. It’s wonderful to see a brand paying attention to the needs and wants of parents out there and delivering on that.

Make sure you share the news with moms and dads out there, too!

Check out my baby must haves! As a mom of 5 – I feel like I know what people need!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with ALDI. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 9.28.16

    What a cute boy, I can bet he is funny and lovable. I did not know Aldi had baby products. I have purchased food and general groceries but not baby stuff. Nice to know.

  2. 9.28.16
    Jolina said:

    Babies do make the world a better place! I don’t think we have ALDI here but its great that they carry all these products! Makes it easier to get everything in one place.

  3. 9.28.16
    Liz Mays said:

    I didn’t realize that Aldi had baby stuff too! This is super convenient and money saving.

  4. 9.28.16

    I LOVE ALDI! They are such a great place. It is good to know their baby products are good. I will let the mommas in my life know.

  5. 9.28.16
    Neely Moldovan said:

    We have an Aldi right by our house but I have never been. Now that I know they have baby stuff I will for sure be checking it out.

  6. 9.28.16

    Thank you for letting moms know about this great news. My daughter works long hours and so does her hubby so sometimes they do run out of baby supplies because by the time they get off work, the stores are closed. I am glad that I can go and get them baby stuff at ALDI now. We have one close by. Gives me peace of mind that my grandchildren do not run out of diapers!

  7. 9.29.16
    Carrie said:

    Such a cutie! I never knew Aldi had their own line of baby products! Thanks for sharing!

  8. 9.29.16
    Ave said:

    I really wish we had Aldi near us. I have heard so much about their great product lines! Training Pants with vitamin E and aloe sound really great for that dreaded potty training time.

  9. 9.29.16

    I love our Aldi but without a little one at home, I totally didn’t know they had so much baby stuff!

  10. 9.29.16

    I had no idea that Aldi offered such a great variety. I’ll have to check them out next time.

  11. 9.29.16
    Jennifer said:

    Oh wow. You know, I shop at Aldi all the time, but I had no idea they had baby products.

  12. 9.29.16
    susan said:

    I love to shop at our local Aldi’s they have such an amazing selection. Never really checked out the baby section, but since my niece is expecting I sure will be checking it out soon.

  13. 9.30.16
    Autumn said:

    I’ve never actually been to Aldi! I’ve always meant to but haven’t been. And I know it’s a great place to save money – what’s your favorite thing about Aldi?

  14. 10.2.16

    I love ALDI! Especially their organic line of foods. I’m loving the packaging for Little Journey. Knowing the high quality of ALDI, I can only imagine how wonderful Little Journey products are. One stop shopping at ALDI is always a win-win for me!

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