Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard

Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard – It’s one of my fave places on earth!!! What to Do in Martha’s Vineyard with your Family. Martha’s Vineyard is one of the most spectacular places on the planet (well, to me!). We vacationed there all last week and just had the most wonderful and relaxing time ever. As a child, since I lived in Rhode Island, it was super easy to take day trips out to Martha’s Vineyard. My parents would have us take the ferry out of Hyannis, MA and we would be there in less than an hour! I always loved the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard, even as a child. It was a place that made me happy.  Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard – woohoo!! Are you ready!!!???

Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard

Things To Do in Martha's Vineyard

Fast forward (ahem) 35+ years, Martha’s Vineyard is still one of my happy places. We experienced it last summer with all of our kids for the very first time (husband included) and we fell in love. We decided that THIS summer we would go for a week and enjoy every single second! If you’ve been thinking about traveling to Martha’s Vineyard with your family, I highly recommend it! The thing people always ask me about is – Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard – and I get it, there’s so much to do and so little time! I wanted to share a peek of our recent trip!

Here’s a peek of our trip!

Are you ready for some Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard?

I’m excited to share some of the best things to do with your family while in Martha’s Vineyard:

  1. The Flying Carousel is a must-visit while in Oak Bluffs. Things To Do in Martha's VineyardIt’s the nation’s oldest platform carousel. All my kids wanted to do was get the brass ring – and Ben got it once! It gives you an immediate free ride! So much fun and full of Martha’s Vineyard history.
  2. Jumping off the Jaws Bridge in Edgartown! Things To Do in Martha's VineyardIt’s almost like a rite of passage! I did it as a kid and I love seeing my sons do it, too! It’s pretty high up, so you need to be ready to let go and swim to shore quickly! It’s SO MUCH FUN! My advice is to go earlier in the day. We went around 10AM and nobody was there. By 2PM, it’s PACKED with people.
  3. Fishing with the kids! Things To Do in Martha's VineyardWe went over to Chappaquiddick Island to fish because we wanted to explore as much of the Island as possible! The beaches were gorgeous and peaceful and full of fishing lovers! The boys fished for 3 hours with my husband!
  4. Camping! Yes, we camped. Camping in Cape CodHold me. The hotels were super expensive when we looked to book, camping was $80/night. No brainer for this family of 7! It wasn’t that bad (OK, except for the skunks outside my tent!). But it was a great way to build some family memories! Let’s put it this way, the kids were in heaven camping!
  5. Back Door Donuts. Things To Do in Martha's VineyardIf you’re looking for an awesome local treat, check it out! We saw about 50 people waiting in line behind a bakery and we asked what was going on, they laughed and said, “Back Door Donuts!” They are the BEST donuts ever! Right in Oak Bluffs! It’s something you will always remember! We waited in a 20 minute line at night for them!
  6. Restaurants that we ate at that were great for kids (and they were welcomed!)… Jimmy Seas in Oak Bluffs, Edgartown Pizza, The Seafood Shanty (Edgartown), Sharky’s Cantina (Oak Bluffs and Edgartown), The Sand Bar Restaurant (Oak Bluffs), The Black Dog Tavern (iconic to MV!) and Nancy’s (Oak Bluffs).
  7. BEACHES. Camping in Cape CodI mean, you can’t get enough of the beaches. The beaches are stellar! There is something for everyone… there are beaches with big waves, little waves, great sand, private beaches, you name it! Our kids beached it from 9AM – 3PM every single day!
  8. Walking around the towns was my favorite thing to do! Things To Do in Martha's VineyardDay or night, it was wonderful! We love the water and exploring, so we would walk along the docks! The kids loved it!
  9. Pirate Adventures Martha’s Vineyard. We didn’t get to do this, but my sister did this past weekend with her son and he LOVED it! You dress up! You go out to see! It’s 90 minutes long! If you have younger kids (ages 3-8) they will LOVE this!!!!
  10. Bike Rentals. Since Victoria can’t ride a bike yet, we didn’t do this… but everyone was renting bikes! This is what we did as kids! There were options to have a toddler on the back of a bike, but we’ve never done that with her before so we weren’t sure how she’d do. Such a fun way to explore the Island because there are tons of bike paths!

     So – Things To Do in Martha’s Vineyard?? TONS!!!! As you can see, PLENTY!!!!!

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