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I became a “mom boss” 10 years ago. That was when I looked at my life and my family and my passion and knew the ONLY way to feel filled in all of these areas was to (literally) be my own boss.

I wanted to be available and create my own schedule for my family.

I wanted to be successful and fulfilled in my professional life for me.

And I wanted to know that my passions were being tapped into every single day. What is life without finding your passion?

As I’ve grown my digital business and own little empire throughout the last 10 years, I have been happy from head-to-toe. I have been able to create something out of nothing all on my own. With my own grit and blood, sweat and tears… I’ve created exactly what I originally set out to create. The beauty in doing this over the last 10 years in the digital space is that I have had the opportunity to meet other women doing exactly the same type of thing. We may all be different in our goals, our wants, our needs and we may all define success differently, but we are all the same in the being a Mom Boss.

Which brings me perfectly to our book of the day – Mom Boss by Nicole Feliciano!

I met Nicole Feliciano over 5 years ago while we were both working as spokespeople for the same company. We hit it off pretty quickly as we both had the same passion for fashion, as well as the same kind of background before our digital/mom days – her working at Ralph Lauren, I at Donna Karan. I loved that Nicole really wanted to build her business, her work ethic and her business sense were so smart and right on. Throughout the years I’ve gotten to know Nicole better and better and we’re both been cheerleaders for each other as our businesses and brands have grown. When Nicole told me she was writing a book called Mom Boss, I thought it was spot-on because being a mom and being a boss are 2 things that I see growing more and more and more in this world, thanks to so many opportunities and incredible women going after their dreams.

So what is Mom Boss all about?


It’s 185 pages of advice, tips, inspiration, motivation and tools to help you go after your dream of being a Mom Boss.

Mom Boss kicks off with an incredible forward by Kimberly Inskeep, President of cabi. I’m a gigantic cabi fan, so reading Kimberly’s words and really understanding her journey to where she got to where she is was amazing. I love how as moms we all have the same fears and worries about life and our family. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Throughout the 16 chapters… you’ll definitely walk away with information armed to get you moving.  I personally think puts it beautifully:

Where Sophia Amoruso’s #GirlBoss left off for young millennials breaking into the business world, Mom Boss picks up and continues the mission for all the entrepreneurial moms out there. Mom Boss proves that being successful isn’t about degrees or sacrifices, it’s about balance and power. It’s where instinct meets intelligence. Every mom has it in her to be a badass business woman. Nicole Feliciano charts the course for building a successful career without sacrificing being a great mom.

My favorite chapter is chapter 11, Find Your Tribe. This really is my mantra when it comes to business. You need to find those who speak to you and will raise you up and help you become the best version of you for your business and your brand. You can’t do everything alone, you need to rely on others. This chapter stands out to me because I really do feel this is so important for entrepreneurs out there. You need to make sure you have that team, that tribe.

If you’re looking for a great read to inspire you and motivate you to take those first steps, grab a copy of Mom Boss by Nicole Feliciano! Nicole will be heading out on a Book Tour for Mom Boss, sponsored by Clorox.


Nicole said that they chose Clorox because Clorox helps powers through the mess to reset so the next moment can begin. As a Mom Boss, I know I can stop worrying about the mess, enjoy the moment, and let Clorox take care of the mess. Because messy is part of a life well-lived. Make sure you stay in the loop for when Nicole will be in your City!

As a kick-off to her Book Tour, I received a fun package from Nicole and her team!

Cute, right?

In my surprise Mom Boss box I received…


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Love it!!


Win a copy of Mom Boss!

How can you enter?

Leave me a comment telling me who the mom boss in your life is! Is it YOU? You’re OK to pop down, too!!

I will choose a random winner on Tuesday, September 23rd!!!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored posting with MomTrends. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. 9.12.16
    Clarissa said:

    I am the mom boss in both mine and my family’s life!

  2. 9.12.16
    Holly said:

    I am a NICU MOM Boss!!! My first baby girl is fighting in the nicu everyday and I have started to fight right next to her. Unable to get maternity leave at my job… I had to supplement income. Enter the mom boss lifestyle!! Building the best of both worlds for my new baby girl!

  3. 9.12.16

    I am the mom / Grandmum boss in my family!

  4. 9.12.16
    Kristin Miller said:

    I am the mom boss in my life amongst many others! ? I never thought I would be, but I stumbled into it and here I am! I run a business, rearing a toddler boy while running around enjoying NYC. Trying to find the balance and this book sounds perfect!

  5. 9.12.16
    Barrie said:

    I love saying I am the mom-boss, but truly my kids just RULE me! I try super hard every day though to make it so I can at least SAY I’m the boss. READ: under-eye concealer and coffee are my bosses! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  6. 9.13.16
    latanya said:

    I am the mom boss

  7. 9.17.16
    John å said:

    The mom boss in my life is my wife! She is amazing!

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