Fun $3.32 Thrift Shop Christmas Haul ~

Fun $3.32 Thrift Shop Christmas Haul ~

I have 2 sets of Santa salt & pepper shakers that my late Mom-in-law gave to me years ago.

They’ve been very functional, with an emphasis on the FUN in functional, until this year. I’ve grown kinda worried about the breaking of these Santas, with all the hands and fingers that have joined our Christmas celebrations over the last decade and a half; and it would break my heart, too, if this breaking thing occurred. Not that they are heirloom or priceless porcelain or anything. They are just priceless to me.

This year, I decided to elevate the Santas to decorative status. (Not sure if the Santa S&P decorative pay grade is the same as shaker pay grade, but I’m willing to take the hit on the Santa sanctions, if any, to keep them whole!)

Barry and I have this little, wooden, 4-comparment H – O – P – E box sitting on our mantle, that with a few added lights, makes a nice home and display for the four esteemed Santas…

The situation was, until yesterday, that we also have a small, wooden, 3-compartment J – O – Y box sitting next to our H – O – P – E box — empty, because we had no small, meaningful enough (meaningful as in like the Santas) things in which to decorate it.

Until yesterday, I will repeat.

Yesterday, my 91-year old Mom and I had a little impromptu Girls’ Day. I generally take my Mom grocery shopping on Wednesdays, but I first surprise stopped at her favorite local breakfast place. We had a wonderful time. After grocery shopping and putting away her things and all, I had a bit of a Christmas surprise for her. My Mom loves “poking around” as she calls it, in consignment and thrift shops. So that’s what we did.

There’s one such thrift shop within short walking distance from her place, so off we went. This combined my Mom’s love of walking with her love of searching for little things, mainly pretty, colorful costume jewelry pins. She is famous for her pretty pins, dazzling up a blouse or sweater or coat — little ones mainly, just a touch of pizzazz.

My Moms eyes were wide with wonder inside the shop. My heart was so happy. The thrift shop was very bustling busy, also serving as a food pantry. All proceeds of all sales go directly to the food pantry. This made my Mom even more happy.

“Get something for yourself,” Mom kept saying. “I want this to be my treat.”

Up and down the aisles we went. Looking at everything, like kids in a candy store. Clothing. Kids’ toys. Books. Housewares.

The place is not big, which made it even more fun. Maneuvering and searching at the neat, but packed shelves and racks.

I picked up a glass bowl, much like serving bowls I have for entertaining.

“Oh, that’s pretty,” my Mom said. “Let me get it for you!”

I relented. Because it did match quite nicely with my bowls, but more so because it made my Mom so happy.

We continued on.

A Christmas-themed table was filled with knick-knacks and things. I picked up a small Santa with the word Portugal on its base. My husband Barry is Portuguese.

Then I picked up a little pink Santa. Pink!

“They are so cute,” my Mom said. “Let me get them for you!” She was filled with such Joy at the prospect of getting something for me.

That was my light bulb moment of JOY.

These Santas were the perfect size for the JOY box.

I didn’t have time to tell my Mom about the boxes on the mantle. She was busy picking up a little Teddy Bear.



The JOY on my Mom’s face was Christmas Morning Joy.

I put all 3 little knick-knacks inside the glass bowl and off we went on our hunt for dazzling little pins.

There were a few fun pins, but none sparkly enough for Mom. (There was a gorgeous little pink rhinestone rose, but it turned out to be a ring.)

We arrived at check-out. The bill for my things was $3.32.

The price of JOY.


My Mom and I literally giggled on the walk back to her place.

I cannot wait to show my Mom the JOY box, right next to the HOPE box of my late Mom-in-law’s Santas…

Dazzling our family room mantle at Christmas-time…

And, oh, here’s a peek at all the little treasures as they arrived at my home.

All $3.32 worth of the best spent afternoon in the entire world with my Mom…

******************** AND, I’ve done a little research to find more Consignment and Thrift Stores, ready to take Mom on a fun field trip in search of Jewel DAZZLE to add to our most glorious HOPE and JOY!










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