When Grandmas Don’t Pay Attention to “Recommended Age” Advice

When Grandmas Don’t Pay Attention to “Recommended Age” Advice ~

See this little “craft” project?

The one with an age 6+ recommendation?

Yes, this one.

48 pieces of living hell for a Grandma who isn’t particularly craft oriented?

Yes, this is it.

Not just any old flat structure.

No, not this one.

This one is 3D Structure.

It says so right there on the box.

In two languages.

Maybe that should have been the tip-off for my wonderful, yet evil in this case, neighbor who brought over the craft project. The 2 language thing.

For a 2-year old, no less.

And because that 2-year old saw the box (I was off my game and couldn’t hide it fast enough) and cannot even bust open such an unyieldingly sealed box, never mind read the instructions, the Gingerbread House fun from Hell fell to me and my very excited little helper, Brian.

This is my face. Around here, we call this face “The Daddy Face”… the one the defines the last thing any parent (or grandparent) wants to do ~

And so it began.

First, we had to toss all the glittery “snow” base because Brian rubbed his eyes after touching it. You know. That glitter in the eye thing. Good times.

But he was undeterred.

Next, he peeled all of the 48 pieces as I watched him (assisted him, just a little!) build a fireplace, add Christmas stockings, hang a wreath.


Brian LOVED the peeling part.

Wait a second.

No glue. No sticky mess. No scissors.

Just a little guy, a colorful package illustration, an imagination — and a curmudgeonly (inside only) Grandma?

This was getting good.


So good that all the “Daddy Face” had melted away like the glittery snow!

Brian was enthralled. He was patient. He was the epitome of concentration.

Well, but for the moment when a candy cane looked better stuck to his head.

His little hands followed the little foam pieces to the proper places and to the little holes where everything belonged.

Right down to placing the Christmas Tree on the little blue snowflake rug inside the Gingerbread House.

This rather seasoned Grandma of 12 had learned a very big lesson ~

Santa and Neighbors and Love make everything special.

Even inappropriately aged 3D Gingerbread Houses in 2 languages with 48 pieces, including glittery snow.
















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