101 Winter Family Activities

101 Winter Family Activities are something every parent needs in their parenting arsenal!  Winter Family Activities! I’m telling you right now – the winter can be a little depressing this time of year. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s just not great for getting out and about with little or big kids! I’ve always just really wished the winter months away! But here’s the best part? I’ve discovered a ton of things for you and your kids to do in the winter months. You don’t want to stay inside – you do want to go out and about! Here’s what you can do!

101 Winter Family Activities

101 Winter Activities

It’s important to always have a running list on hand! I don’t know if your kids are the same way, but as soon as it starts to get cold outside my kids get stir crazy! They don’t want to just sit and do nothing (which is a good thing!). They want to be out and about, so I love to try and keep them busy. With the winter really just starting here, it’s important for me to make sure I have tons of ideas to toss out at the kids when we have a “day off!”

Just in case I’m not alone, I wanted to share 101 Winter Family Activities with you today!

101 Winter Activities

Get ready because the winter is really just starting!! Enjoy and let me know what I missed! I would love for you to share whatever I don’t have with me!! I’m all about this kind of stuff and I love to add to my list!

Winter Activities


Creating a Hot Cocoa bar in the Kitchen

Ice Skating
Arts & Crafts Night
Movie Nights on the Couch
Snowball Fights
Game Night Home
Build Snow Forts
Cross Country Skiing
Make a Snowman
Make Pillow Forts
Breakfast in Bed on the Weekends
Indoor Swimming
Create a Reading Nook
Make Cookies for your Family/Neighbors
Make your own Inspiration Board
Shovel Driveway and HELP Neighbors, too
Visit the Zoo in the Winter (many times it’s free!)
Snowboarding Lessons as a Family
Tube Sledding
Indoor Waterparks
Toboggan Sledding
Read Stories Together or Listen to Books Online
Ice Fishing

Send a Handwritten letter to someone you love

Pajama Day
Video Game Marathon
Watch Old Family Movies
Send cards to a local nursing home
Indoor Obstacle Course
Walk your Neighborhood
Go to a Hockey Game (local team)
Visit a Local Light-Night Extravaganza
Train Rides
Head to the Movie Theatre
Dance Party at Home
Family Yoga
Go to a Basketball Game (local team)
Theatre Productions
Fancy Dinner out with the Family
Play “House” or “Restaurant” at home
Indoor Laser Tag
Hibachi NIght
Go Shopping at the Mall
Bowling Night
Put Together Puzzles
Make a Music Video
Roller Skating
Dave & Buster’s Time
Take a Knitting Class
Try out some of the Wood Shop Classes at Home Depot (free)
Have an Indoor NERF Battle
Indoor Trampoline Park
Sleepover (everyone) in the Living Room
No Technology Weekend (can you do it?)
Create Snow Forts
Snow Angels
Make Wishes on the Winter Stars
Make Paper Snowflakes
Make your Own Wrapping Paper for next year
Travel to NYC to see the SIGHTS (if you’re close)
Visit the Beach while it’s COLD!
Donate Clothes/Diapers/Socks to Local Shelters
Make Snow Cones
Design T-Shirts as a Fun Activity
Host a Winter Party for your Child’s Class
Send Holiday Cards to the Military
Make Homemade Presents for Grandparents
Update a 2017 Calendar
Frame Old Photos
Visit the Library
Tour a Museum
Make Cookies for your local Fire Station/Police Station
Bring Donations to your Local Hospitals (see what they might need)
Make Homemade Soup
Be Part of a Coat Drive
Create an Outdoor Picnic
Set up a Winter Shop at home (pop stuff online to sell, too!)
Mannequin Challenge Video
Pottery Class
Make a Bird Feeder

Help Put Away the Holiday Decorations

Winter Scavenger Hunt throughout the Neighborhood
Make Your Own Fudge
Visit Chuckie Cheese
LEGO Building
Leave Food out for local Deer
Watch Hacks You Can Do for your Family with the Kids
Indoor Mini-Golf
Tie-Dye Items
Watch Hair Tutorials and Learn some new Hairdos
Haircut Day with the Family
Host a Football Homegating Party
Start a Journal
Day of Science Experiments at Home
Set-up a Family Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube Account
Family Cooking Lessons
Start a Family Blog

Make sure you check out my personal YouTube channel to see what else we do in the winter! We post videos every single week and would love for you to get some inspo from them!!

OK!! And now for the Fall months?? Here is 101 Fall Activities to Do with your Family.

One thing you can add to your activities with kids is Mini Pie Making Kit from Table Talk Pies. It’s so much fun for kids to do with you.

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  1. 1.3.17
    Jennifer said:

    This is an awesome list! I can’t believe you packed so much into one post. Great ideas. Bookmarking!

  2. 1.4.17
    Kimberly Croisant said:

    Love this list and will most likely do more than half of them this year. I love the inspiration here. Thanks!!

  3. 1.4.17
    Marysa said:

    We live in Upstate NY where the winters are long and cold. Lots of great ideas on this list! We always liked winter swimming. Of course my kids are now on swim team, I guess they were inspired 🙂

  4. 1.5.17
    Scott said:

    You know we’re huge proponents of “Game Night Home”. There are so many great products out there – it’s not all Monopoly and Scrabble!

  5. 1.6.17
    Leah said:

    What a great list! We love having game night! We try to do it once a week.

  6. 1.9.17
    Connie said:

    This list is great! I’m going to print it off to have on hand when my grandkids come to visit.

  7. 1.9.17

    Brilliant list! Even for Southern California!! I see a whole lot of family fun this winter.

  8. 1.9.17
    Nicole said:

    What an awesome list! You didn’t miss anything and although we have really calm winters in Phoenix, we can use pretty much all of these! Love it!

  9. 1.10.17
    Marcie W. said:

    Love this list and the wide variety of suggestions. I am going to plan family yoga for the 5 of us soon.

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