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If you’re a Disney lover, you’re going to be VERY happy to hear this news! The GAP has released a Disney Collection and it’s sweet, adorable and (absolutely) precious! It’s everything you think it would be… magical, whimsy and happy! I had NO idea the GAP was releasing this Collection, so as I was scouring for Disney items for our trip – I stumbled upon it (thankfully!). I just wish Victoria was still in baby sizes!! Are you ready to hear about the GAP Disney Collection? Its FABULOUS!

GAP Disney Collection

What’s up with this adorable Disney Collection?? It’s all about the CIRCUS!!

Say hello to the Disney Baby Dumbo Collection!

GAP Disney Collection

I’m literally addicted to this GAP Disney Collection! It’s so over-the-top cute, I can’t take it!

I’ve got to share with you some of my favorite pieces!! I’m not kidding, I wish some of these came in my size, too! They are everything!!

First up – this adorable 1969 denim band jacket. This is what I want for myself! I would wear as a top layer over everything!

GAP Disney Collection

How cute is this dress? It’s the Disney Baby Dumbo graphic drop-waist dress! Super cute! Super sweet! It’s the kind of dress that your little one can wear over and over and over. And it’s so adorable, it’s a great hand me down dress, too!

GAP Disney Collection

My favorite dress of all, this precious Disney Baby Dumbo flutter dress! This is PERFECT for the spring and summer!!! This is just about everything and I love it! The color and the print on it, just lovely and sweet and so whimsical!

GAP Disney Collection

And then there’s these… I mean, I’m DYING!!! Disney Baby Dumbo sweater tights are the best because they keep little legs warm and cozy!! Probably (all in honesty) the cutest of all!

GAP Disney Collection

How handsome is this “little” suit? Disney Baby Dumbo sweater one-piece!

GAP Disney Collection

How much fun is this outfit??? Disney Baby Dumbo band leader double-layer one-piece is just adorable!!

GAP Disney Collection

And every kid needs this, OMG!!! Disney Baby Dumbo sweater hat is too much!!!

GAP Disney Collection

Adorable, right???

Check out the FULL COLLECTION here!

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  1. 1.11.17

    Wow!! mind blowing Disney Collection.. Really I liked a lot and wanted a Disney Baby Dumbo flutter dress for my little baby..

  2. 1.11.17

    my younger daughter thinks she is the Disney princes , she even calls her self princes Fiona, i guess showing her some Disney pictures of what she like would bring back her old memory.

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