There’s nothing quite like a baby bath in the kitchen sink!

There’s nothing quite like a baby bath in the kitchen sink!

When Barry and I were recently renovating our kitchen, one absolute must was a farmer’s sink — one of those big, porcelain, no-divider, spacious enough to bathe-a-baby-in sink.

Maybe it’s the nostalgia of it all.

I have photos of my Mom bathing me in kitchen sinks. I have photos of bathing our own kids in kitchen sinks. When Audrey was a baby, we moved into a house that had an enormous porcelain sink, one with an attached porcelain strainer, to boot. I loved that sink. When we renovated that old kitchen, we traded in that big ‘ole sink for a modern stainless steel sink with dividers (this was 35 years ago) for more counter space.

It still breaks my heart that we ditched that sink (even though we did need counter space and we figured the kids would someday be too big and too embarrassed to bathe in the kitchen sink, anyway!).

But grandkids? That’s when you throw in everything nostalgically magical, including the kitchen sink.

In this house, we traded a stainless steel, divided kitchen sink for this…

This kitchen sink is big enough to fit a plastic laundry basket (filled with cups and small toys), one we keep easily and handily stored in our renovated bathroom, under the open-storage trough-style sink with TWO sinks (we do have 12 grandkids and many, many times, more than 1 or 2 kids need to simultaneously use the bathroom sink!)…

… that plastic laundry basket always at the ready for this!

Big Smiles!



And a kitchen window right above the sink to wave to our neighbor, Rebecca, right across our driveway and into her kitchen window… a kitchen window sink, a window sink where she bathed her babies and they waved to the people who owned our home way back then… and where Rebecca is now a Grandma to an infant boy who will wave to us someday from her kitchen window sink.

Little toys in tub water.

Droplets of water on a baby’s face.

Dancing eyes.

In kitchen sinks!

The circle of life!

And Pure Nostalgic Joy!







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