101 Things to Do with your Daughter

101 Things To Do with your Daughter, I made a list! As you can imagine, after having 4 sons and then a daughter – I’ve been collecting items for this list for a long time! Daughters are different than sons. It’s a different dynamic. It’s a different kind of bond. Since I’m very close to my own mother and even thought I’m almost 40 years old, I still LOVE to do things with her! So – I thought of 101 Things To Do with your Daughter that work for all different ages! There’s some stuff for just little ones. There’ some stuff for just “big” ones. There’s something for everyone! I had fun creating this, my family is everything to me and I think it’s very important and special to take time for one another throughout our busy lives! Enjoy and let me know what I’m missing!

Things to Do with your Daughter

Things To Do With your Daughter

101 Things to Do with your Daughter


Things to Do with your Daughter

  1. Spa Day
  2. Shoe Shopping
  3. American Girl Doll experience
  4. Manicures
  5. Pedicures
  6. Hair Salon
  7. Library Reading Hour
  8. Open Swim at the local Pool
  9. Ice Cream Sundaes
  10. Massages
  11. Movie Night at Home
  12. Build-A-Bear Workshop
  13. Fancy Dinner
  14. Tea Party
  15. Playing Barbie
  16. Playing Superheroes
  17. Reading on the Couch
  18. Bubble Bath
  19. Horseback Riding
  20. Dance Class Together
  21. Cooking Class Together
  22. Pottery Class Together
  23. Game Night at Home
  24. Bedroom Makeover
  25. Hiking
  26. Bike Riding
  27. Day at the Beach
  28. Day on the Slopes
  29. Golf Lessons
  30. Kayaking
  31. Mini Golf
  32. Baby Doll Playtime
  33. Dress-up Night
  34. Put on a Fashion Show
  35. Beauty Station Makeover at the Mall
  36. Make your Own Scent Night
  37. Painting Night
  38. Book Club
  39. Mother/Daughter Date Night with a Friend and Her Daughter
  40. Go to a Fashion Show
  41. Museum
  42. Roller Skating
  43. Ice Skating
  44. Trampoline Fun
  45. Theatre Night
  46. Volunteer
  47. Cook Breakfast for Dinner à Brinner
  48. Build LEGOS
  49. Crossword Puzzles
  50. Scavenger Hunt
  51. Scrapbooking
  52. Color Time
  53. Baking
  54. Amusement Park
  55. Working Out
  56. Lunch Date
  57. Coffee Shop
  58. Church
  59. Craft Projects
  60. Indoor Waterpark
  61. Visit the Grandparents (generational meal!)
  62. Make Your Own Pizza
  63. Watch Old Movies
  64. Look at Old Photos
  65. Apple Picking (seasonal)
  66. Strawberry Picking (seasonal)
  67. Gardening Project
  68. Local Playground
  69. Sleepover at a Local Hotel
  70. Morning Breakfast
  71. Zoo Trip
  72. Arcade
  73. Beach Trip
  74. Card Games
  75. Magic Tricks
  76. Mommy and Me Outfit Shopping
  77. Toy Store Shopping
  78. Decorations Around the House (seasonal)
  79. Camping Trip (or Glamping!)
  80. Make your Own Superhero Capes
  81. PJ Party
  82. Build a Fort in the Living Room
  83. Yoga
  84. Put Together a Puzzle
  85. Baby Doll Shopping
  86. Make a Music Video
  87. Hayrides (seasonal)
  88. Go-Carts
  89. Run in the Rain
  90. Build a Snowman (seasonal)
  91. Create a Secret Handshake
  92. Knitting Project
  93. Learn to Sew (my Nana taught me, so special)
  94. Collect Shells on the Beach
  95. Surfing
  96. Morning Walks or Jogs
  97. Late Night Desserts
  98. Jump in Leaf Piles
  99. Build a Sandcastle
  100. Create a Disney Princess Costume
  101. Snuggle Night on the Couch

things to do with your daughter

What am I missing when it comes to Things to Do with your Daughter? Please let me know! I’m still new to the mom and daughter way of life!!

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