Expiration Dates and how NOT to use them ~

Expiration Dates and how NOT to use them ~

I’m gonna jump right in here (well, not jump per se, because my old body is too demolished with my 3rd horrific upper respiratory contagion since November to jump at just about anything) to talk about expiration dates.

I mean, I’m one of those healthy eating, fresh air, active kind of gals. I drink plenty of water/fluids during my days. I’m a clean freak, avoiding harsh chemicals and artificial chemicals. I’m around my 12 grandkids and my own kids often, I caregive my elderly mom, I love being with my husband, I hate being sick (and am very cautious about my loved ones being exposed to illness), so I wash my hands 10,000 times a day. Sometimes, maybe 10,500 times a day. I very often check expiration dates on foods, skin products, cleaning products and especially medicinal products.

I don’t get sick very often.

I had childhood asthma, so I’m aware of breathing problems associated with upper respiratory problems, rather than fearing them.

But I still hate them. Breathing problems, coughs, congestion take me down. Down with a crash to the floor.

At the first sign of a respiratory thing, I use Vicks VapoRub. I think it’s because the very aroma carries me back decades ago to when my Mom sat beside my bed, rubbing just a dab of Vicks on my little chest, whispering so gently that everything would be all right. I believed her. And everything was always all right. My mind is wrapped in the love, the nostalgia, the Mom care thing of it all.

Other than that, I’m such non-medication, latest remedy, band wagon health care person. I don’t jump to anything. I truly believe in a good, healthy diet, exercise and positive energy.

But a couple of days ago, I was reaching for the Vicks.

I was still drinking tons of liquids.

I was still washing my hands and cleaning my home.

I was still using my herbology.

But things went from bad to worse, and yesterday, and I was sitting with my family physician as he wrote a script for a z-pack. He is also not a rush-to-medication person (which is one reason I love him so much). I knew it was time.

Last night, I took my first 2 antibiotic-pill remedy, took an Advil for my non-stop headache, rubbed a tiny bit of Vicks on my chest (thought of my Mom!) and got a decent night’s sleep.

Maybe it was the forward motion thing about getting proper medical care. Maybe it was the Advil to relieve my 5-day headache. Maybe it was the Vicks’ memories.

This morning, I refilled my 20-ounce water bottle, grabbed some oatmeal/blueberries/banana for breakfast, took my herbal drops… and picked up my little jar of Vicks to rub a dab on my chest.

In the light of morning with a clearer head than recently, I turned that little nostalgic jar of Vicks over and almost fainted… not from illness, but from eye-popping What-the-What????????

I’ve been running on nostalgia alone since November 2002.

I guess I truly do not get sick very often.

And if laughter really does cure everything, I should be OK by noon today!









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