When Valentine’s Day Has Changed for Your Kids #HoldMe #TweenSon

As soon as the bus drove off this morning, I realized that Alex forgot the bag of Valentine’s Day cards for his class/buddies. He wasn’t that into it last night, so I helped stuff all the cards and wrote them out for him.

I was so proud of myself for finding them (because I “knew” he’d be devastated to forget them) on the counter. Off I went to hand deliver them to him at school.

The second Alex saw me in the hallway, I smiled big and waved the bag in the air. I thought I would see relief.
I saw the “OH MY GOD, SHE BROUGHT THEM” face – and it wasn’t relief.

Within that second, I knew that “forgetting” them on the counter was done on purpose.

“I’m so sorry mom, I just didn’t want to give them out and I felt too bad to tell you last night.”

Embarrass your child on Valentine's Day

And with that simple and honest explanation, I left school with the card bag in tow. My Alex… love him to the moon and beyond. I guess he’s growing up, I’ll just be content and happy with the fact that he told me he only has 2 Valentines… me and Victoria.

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