Daily Video: Chilling in LA + Beauty and the Beast PRESS TRIP!!!!

The second I received the invite to attend the Beauty and the Beast screening, I jumped at it. I remember calling my husband immediately, checking the dates and then confirming YES in less than 10 minutes after getting the invite. I was that excited for it! For me – besides the fact that I adore Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Kevin Kline and Luke Evans – I knew that my daughter would grow up with this film. I knew that THIS was the Beauty and the Beast that Victoria would remember throughout her life. It really made it extra special for me.

I took a daily video diary while away in LA with the press trip! I’m sharing today’s – this was when we got to spend the ENTIRE day all about Beauty and the Beast. Interviews all day (which I wasn’t allowed to videotape, but will be on the blog soon!) and some really cool activities!

As you can see, there was NO shortage of fun!!

Join me throughout the next week and a half as I share all the content on my blog!

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