Best Travel Accessories

I’m traveling a ton this month for work. I mean, a ton. I’m heading to (3) destinations this month —> Los Angeles, New York City, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Actually, I’m in New Jersey multiple times this month! I don’t think I’m home a full week this month, which is tough – but it’s par for the course. I love what I do and I love traveling, it’s just tough to be away from my family. Thankfully with FaceTime I can “see” them whenever I want, so that does make it a lot easier on me and on them! I’m all about finding the Best Travel Accessories. It’s important for me to have them on hand always. Best Travel Accessories are my jam!

Best Travel Accessories

Travel Must Haves for Spring

With so much travel, I’ve become an expert in what to travel with while I’m in the air or on the road. With SPRING pretty much being around the corner, my travel must-haves do somewhat change. Since it’s not snowing or completely freezing where I am and where I’m going, I get to adjust my travel must-haves! I like to be comfortable. I like to feel “at home.” And I like to pack light (which is a biggie for me!).

So whether you’re traveling for work or play in the air, on the road, on a train or on a boat this spring, here are some of the Best Travel Accessories to bring along for the “ride”!

Best Travel Accessories

Best Travel Accessories

1) Journal and Pen – I ALWAYS travel with a journal and pen, it’s a must-have! You never know when inspiration will strike, so I love to be ready for it! I’m someone who always has ideas running through my head and it’s easy to capture things with paper and pen. I’m also a big to-do list girl, so this helps me too! I always make sure I find a journal that can fit in my handbag or tote AND I always find one with a hardcover because it’s harder to destroy.

2) Folders – Don’t laugh, but yes – I always travel with a folder or folders. I love bringing along papers that I need to read or even items from my kids. On my last trip I brought along some drawings that Victoria made. It’s tough being away, so I love being able to feel “at home” with special items.

3) Sunglasses – A must have ALWAYS! I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses. I’m not a big wearer indoors like some people who love to travel, but when I’m EXHAUSTED and I need to sleep – they come in handy. You can block out the light completely by popping your sunglasses on and (another bonus) people leave you alone!

4) Umbrella – Spring is for showers! Always have a pocket one on hand when you’re traveling. I’ve been caught in WAY TOO may rain storms, so I always keep one tucked into my bag.

5) Adidas Superstar Sneakers – My go-to sneaker for travel. They slip on and off easily for airport security. They are SUPER comfortable and really go with any travel outfit. Not to men, they’re just cool!

6) Head Pillow – I wish you could travel with a full pillow and blanket easily, but it’s just not doable. Next best thing? Head Pillow/Travel Pillow. You can purchase these right at ANY airport or train station. These give you the best support for sleeping.

7) Spring Jacket – It’s time for light jackets when you’re traveling in the Spring! I love a jacket I can (literally) make into a ball and toss in my bag… when it’s time to take it out, it still looks amazing! Cabi has the perfect Maritime Trench Coat this Spring that works BEAUTIFULLY for travel and it’s super fabulous to add to any look!

8) Coco Chanel Perfume – It’s always good to smell GOOD when you’re traveling! My go-to scent is Coco Chanel! Don’t spray yourself a million times, but a light spray is always fabulous because this scent stays with you ALL DAY!

9) Slip-on Slipper – If you want total comfort while you’re traveling, grab a pair of slippers! I’m obsessed with my UGG slippers to bring when I’m traveling. It’s like walking on pillows. They are perfection and always a great way to make you feel at home when you’re away!

10) Over the Shoulder Handbag – I’m a handbag girl! I’m obsessed with any kind of handbag that there is – always! When I’m traveling, I’ve found that bringing along a handbag which can be carried over the shoulder, right in front with a long strap is the EASIEST way to go! You don’t want to worry about someone stealing it off your shoulder or anything like that! Wear it right over your chest/shoulder and keep all your important docs right there with you! I’m obsessed with my Tory Burch one!

11) Travel Tote – When I travel, I’m working. I need a bag to keep all of my stuff in and make sure it fits! Lands’ End Canvas Totes are incredible for travel! I have a MEDIUM sized tote that I can fit my laptop, journal/pen, makeup bag and extra books right in! It’s the perfect a size for popping under the seat in front of you on a flight, too! They come in different sizes/colors/patterns!

12) Jo Malone Travel Candle – I’m obsessed with candles, so I love to find travel ones to bring with me on my trips. Jo Malone has travel candles which are perfection! Check them out! JUST BE CAREFUL!! I’m obsessed with this! This tops my Best Travel Accessories!

13) Ear Buds – I mean, a must for ANYONE! Whether you’re listening to music, TV show or a movie – you need these! Also a great way to tune people out if need be and you’re trying to sleep!

14) Kindle – I don’t go ANYWHERE without my KINDLE! I love to read and I literally inhale all kinds of books! I love to make sure I download lots of steamy romances on my travels to keep me occupied!

Here’s a scroll of the Best Travel Accessories

All of my Spring Travel Must Haves!

Happy Travels everyone!

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