Watch our Facebook Live with Pampers Talking Sleep and Daylight Savings

If you tuned into our Pampers Facebook Live chat yesterday, thank you so much! We had such a blast!

We really were excited to chat with everyone about Daylight Savings Time and how that means longer Spring days, but (yup!) it can also mean longer nights. We were so lucky to have The Sleep Lady, Kim West along with us and Pampers to answer all sleep related questions. Check it out!

I’m not kidding, as can you tell from the Live video – we took advantage of the expertise ourselves, too!

I just want to thank Pampers for the opportunity to share this advice and tips with their community. As moms – we have so many questions and fears – so it’s wonderful to have a conversation that’s so open and honest with other moms out there, too.

Also – I have to give a HUGE shout out to Pampers and their 12 hour overnight protection because they keep my daughter (and in the past – my sons!) dry throughout the night. So! If there’s any waking up, it’s because it’s dark and they’re scared… not because they’re wet! So thank you so much for being a constant in my life! We’re ALMOST out of diapers with my daughter at night, but we’re not quite there yet!

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