5 Reasons To Always Get Family Photos

Family Photos.

They are VERY, VERY important to capture.


It’s funny – if you have regularly followed me for years, you know that photos are something I cherish. I take hundreds of photos of my kids. I want to remember moments and really take them all in and photos help me do just that for my family.

Outdoor family photo of two parents and five children.

But there’s usually one thing missing – either me or my husband.

As a matter of fact, my husband always jokes that he’s the “non-existent” Dad because he’s never, ever in photos! I always feel bad because he’s right, he’s usually taking the photos! Here’s the thing, it’s important to make sure you capture everyone. It doesn’t have to be every single day. It doesn’t have to be every single week. It’s just good to be conscious of making sure you are getting family – full family – shots.

My 5 Reasons to Always Get Family Photos

1. Kids grow. Especially right now, I’m seeing my kids grow like weeds and it’s very bittersweet. This photo was taken on Easter Sunday. Last Easter Sunday (a full year ago!) my sons William and Alex were shorter than me! They’ve now crept up! It’s important to see these milestones through photos.

2. Someday – years from now – these will be the photos you love. Even if everyone’s not looking. These will be the photos that make you smile.

3. Even though everyone IS smiling in this one, the best photos are the ones where someone isn’t looking or there’s something “off!” I love this one because we did get that “perfect” kinda shot… but it doesn’t always go that way and those photos make the best memories.

4. Capturing annual moments. We seem to always take photos together on holidays and vacations… use that as a way to mark time. It’s a fun way to always make sure you’re getting everyone!

5. Family photos don’t have to be professionally done. My father in law took this one on my phone. I asked him just to grab it for me! And he did a great job!

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