JOHNSON’S “Ever Wonder” Talks: What’s in the Bottle

Disclosure: This was a sponsored partnership with JOHNSON’S.

Throughout my entire motherhood journey I’ve used JOHNSON’S baby products. I’ll never forget leaving my baby shower for my oldest son William back in August 2004 with a bundle of products to finally use on my own baby. I was a JOHNSON’S baby, so for me it was only logical that I use what my mom used on me, too. JOHNSON’S is a brand I have trusted and loved and have been loyal to for 12 years. Having a daughter that is 3 years old, I’m still very much “in” the baby/toddler world and I love that I still use (daily) JOHNSON’S products. As a fun fact… the Bedtime baby bath lavender wash is my all-time favorite for Victoria. The scent stays with her all day, it’s so refreshing. I have to add I actually love to use it as a body wash on myself, too! ☺

Last week I had the great opportunity to co-host JOHNSON’S 1st Facebook Live event, called JOHNSON’S “Ever Wonder” Talks. I was in the JOHNSON’S lab with David Mays, Senior Director of Global Scientific Engagement at JOHNSON’S talking about baby’s skin care and the ingredients that go into their products. It was a great opportunity for me to take a deeper dive with David into the labels on the backs of the JOHNSON’S bottles and learn about the benefits of JOHNSON’S skin care products, the JOHNSON’S 5 step safety process and how their attention to detail matters.

It was extremely interesting and informative to chat with David and put a face to the science. He explained everything clearly and succinctly. I love that JOHNSON’S is doing this live series because they know parents want to wonder less about what goes into baby products so that they can focus more on the wondrous moments parents share with baby.

I’m excited to share the full Facebook LIVE with you below! As always, if you have any questions… feel free to let JOHNSON’S know. I love how responsive they are and how their number #1 priority is making sure their products are safe for babies.

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