Spring Vegetable Garden – How to Start

It’s right about that time right now! It’s time to start with your spring vegetable garden! Start now so that you can enjoy the rewards of your garden months from now. I’m all about trying to make sure that we plant some yummy veggies so that we can get as many as possible in the summer! It’s also a great thing to get our family involved in, too! I love seeing the kids get so excited about what we’re planting and WHY we’re planting it! They love this time of year and everyone has a say in what we put in the garden!

Spring Vegetable Garden – How to Start

Spring Vegetable Garden - How to Start

I wanted to share in this post all the steps as to get yourself ready for your spring garden. Think about it – if you plant your fave veggies in the spring, in the summer and in the fall you will be reaping from the benefits. It’s not hard at all to start a spring vegetable garden, so I really want to get you excited and pumped up for a fun family project! I actually really am thinking about it as a wonderful family activity. I think anything that you can do to help bring your family together is amazing! Not to mention it’s great for your kids to get their hands dirty! Are you ready for some spring fun?

Spring Vegetable Garden - How to Start

OK, ladies – How to Start a Spring Vegetable Garden! Since I’ve known my husband (18 years!) we’ve had some form on a spring garden every single year! Even when we were living in NYC, he would find a community space or do something on the roof of our apartment building. He’s always been the committed and it inspired me, too. As soon as the spring weather rolls around (even if there’s still a chill in the air!) we start getting our garden ready!

Spring Vegetable Garden - How to Start

Here are my 4 pieces of advice for a Spring Vegetable Garden – How to Start:

1) Make sure you have a designated space for your garden – as you’re prepping you can do what I’m doing above – start seeds in plant packs. My husband recycles these season to season.

2) Make sure you have cold-tolerant vegetables – because it’s cold (i.e. – broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, beans, strawberries, etc)

3) Make sure you have soil rich with organic materials. You can find this anywhere you can find soil or add compost into the ground.

4) Make sure you water the vegetables consistently once you’ve added your seeds to the soil.

DIY Family Project

It’s been a ton of fun prepping for our summer crop! We always get a ton of fresh vegetables, starting around May. We’re in New England, so it varies climate to climate.

DIY Family Project

Another good tip is getting the kids involved! You can always give them some fun jobs to get them excited, too!

DIY Family Project

I’ll keep updating as the spring progresses! I love seeing how excited I am even for just this step! I love getting everything prepped and ready for the spring and summer months ahead! I also love seeing my husband get just as excited!! It’s adorable and sweet and he’s just so very much into it! And remember gardening with kids is super fun!! It’s a fantastic Spring Activity to Do with your Family!

Happy Spring Gardening! And don’t forget to use Miracle-Gro!

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