Boating for Beginners – Summer has BEGUN!

It’s boating for beginners time!

Last summer we made the decision to get a boat.

Boating for beginners pro tip: Get a fun captain's hat!

It was a BIG decision for us because “boating for beginners” perfectly describes us – we know nothing about boats, We really wanted to make sure we had the time to learn and really feel comfortable on the water. My husband spent all winter obsessively reading and checking out tons of stuff when it comes to the world of boating. We bought a 1984 boat, so he had to put in a lot of TLC throughout the last couple of weeks, too… so he did a ton of researching on how-to and what-to-dos for boats. It’s become a true family passion, something we’re all invested in together. We even made the tough call not to join our local pool club this season because we want to spend as much time as possible on our boat. What attracted to me the “world of boating” was really the time to be together with my family.

Our Boating for Beginners Excursion

We went out on our 2017 inaugural boating excursion on Sunday afternoon and had the time of our life! The weather was perfection! The kids had a blast! We met up with our besties on the water! It was really a great indication of how the summer will be for us. I just loved being with everyone. I loved seeing everyone get excited and be over the top happy with fishing, cruising, exploring new waters and just hanging out. I did feel that on the water on Sunday I didn’t have a care in the world, it was a wonderful feeling!

Check out some of our fun!

Boating for beginners: Always be safe. We had so much fun getting out on the water. My son was eager to go fishing off the boat. Boating for beginners tip: You can always find great shots on the water!I love my boys!Boating for beginners tip: Never forget the life jackets.
The best is that we’re really just so new to it, so I feel like we look like amateurs – but we are!!

If you’re a boater, leave me some tips and advice on boating for beginners!


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