Growing Irises

I have written about Irises before, because there is something magical about them that captures my imagination.  In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess who acts as a messenger of the Gods, appearing to mortals in the form of a rainbow.  The Iris’s wide spectrum of colors lends itself perfectly to its namesake. Growing Irises aren’t always the easiest, but they are so beautiful to plant and to watch grow. I’m thrilled to share with you about these gorgeous plants.

Growing Irises

The Iris symbolizes great faith, wisdom, hope, love and cherished friendship, and is reputed to purify evil energies. Poets, kings and artists have been admirers of the exotic Iris, and the flower was considered a symbol of great power by the Egyptians.  Drawings of the Iris have been found in many Egyptian palaces. Growing Irises really brings out the angels, at least that’s what I think and believe.

And then there are these little beds of Irises in one of our gardens…

Growing Irises

The thing is, we never planted these Iris bulbs and they never showed up in these gardens prior to last spring and again this very week…

Growing Irises

I find this very fascinating, but not surprising.

You see, the former, now deceased owners of our very old home were avid gardeners and loved growing irises. I’ve been told this by our neighbor, Rebecca, who lived next door to the Fonseca family for decades. The two families were as close as two families can possibly be. When the Fonsecas sold this home several years back due to illness, the land with its lovely gardens and fruit trees was, in a word, leveled for the construction of another home to be built on another footprint on the property.

This would not happen due to legal issues, but the gardens had already be ravaged.

When Barry and I bought the property from the new owners 5 years ago (whom decided to sell when their new construction plans were thwarted), we settled into updates and kitchen/bathroom renovations, never intending to change the lovely footprint of the existing home or the few beds of flowers that had in any small way been salvaged.

The following summer after our move, the flowers began to re-appear. First, Daffodils and Tulips. Then the Hydrangeas, Holly, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Roses and Hostas. Soon appeared the Peonies, Day Lilies and one Blueberry bush and yes, growing irises was a big thing for me to do.

Barry and I have planted Sweet William, Strawberries, more Hydrangeas, Winterberries, Roses, Forsythia, more Day Lilies, more Hostas, a special Rose of Sharon and more, but we wanted to wait until our renovations were completed before jumping into gardening with a fervor of activity.

Well, we are done. The last phase of our renovations was a new deck last summer off the back of our newly renovated kitchen, a deck with a beautiful view and room for our very big family (4 kids, 4 in-law kids, 12 grandkids and my Mom)…

Growing Irises

My family and our friends gather here. We are settled here. We are welcomed here.

And, I’m sure, I feel this way in A MESSAGE FROM HEAVEN itself in the form of glorious Irises that decided to bloom last spring, the loveliest purples tinted with yellow and the magical ones of pure white…

Growing Irises

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My fascination and truth is that I truly believe that these Irises have been touched and sent by Mary Fonseca, the former owner of our home, who passed away two summers ago. I think the colors are touched by rainbows and I do think that flowers truly do capture the magic and the power of Faith, Hope, Wisdom, Legacy, Love and Friendship… with the touch of Angels. I hope this inspires you to start growing Irises!

Make sure you buy yourself a few Iris plants! Growing Irises is a beautiful thing to do!

And if you’re not sure how to plant or start a garden, check over here for all the tips you need!




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