Seasoned Grandma Tip #10: The Kiddie Pool ~ Never Too Old!

Seasoned Grandma Tip #10: The Kiddie Pool ~ Never Too Old!

Inflatable, molded plastic, round or creatively shaped (some newer ones have built-in fountains, sprinklers, molded seats!), Kiddie Pools are staples of Summer in the Backyard (or deck, driveway, or anywhere else one is simply put in place and filled with delightfully cold water).

As a Grandma of 12, ages 1-16, I’ve seen a lot of Kiddie Pools over 16 summers.

But for me, the Kiddie Pool love goes back way, way back. I remember my Nana’s little side patch of grass in her very tiny city yard, the only patch of grass as far as my little eyes could see, the patch of grass where my Nana, my Mom, sometimes even aunts and uncles would make magic for me, my brothers, my cousins just by inflating a tiny pool, hooking up the hose and filling it with ice cold spigot water. Here I am in a kiddie pool (1953) with my Mom and my brother, I’m sure on a sizzling summer-in-the-city day…

Of course, I cannot remember this particular day all of 64-or-so years ago, but I remember the feeling, I think. Even if it’s just remembering from the photograph, it’s a feeling of joy.

There would be more kiddie pools in my life as my family traveled around the United States following my Navy Dad from base to base, but years later, purchasing my own home with my husband Barry, a home with a very big back yard… well, that kiddie pool joy came back with my own children. There were many, many kiddie pool summer mornings, afternoons and evenings…

Daddy & Audrey ~ 1979

But what was waiting around the corner, or more to the point decades later, was the summer of Kiddie Pool Joy 2016 that I had never expected — the kiddie pool magic of a summer’s day taking precedent over basketball, soccer, volleyball, you name it, with my 8 grandsons — collectively!

A sizzling summer-at-the grandparents’-day.

A kiddie pool.

A hose hooked up and filling it with ice cold spigot water.

It’s this simple: The Kiddie Pool. Never Too Old (or too small)!

Kiddie Pool Love, the Memory Maker!




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