6 Summer Nail Trends

It’s the summer and it’s time to let loose (a bit!) and rock some summer trends on the fashion and the beauty front! I’m all about my nails in the summer, every week I love to go and change up my colors! It’s something that’s easy for me to do and fun for me to do, too! Every summer there are always new Summer Nail Trends that I love to check out. Last year it was all about bright yellows, which I thought was really bold and beautiful. I also love the add of glitter and sparkle last summer in the polishes, too. Summer Nail Trends are great to keep track of because you really get a great sense of what’s hot and what’s not!

Summer Nail Trends for 2017 showcase some INCREDIBLE color options! If you love bright and bold, you’re going to love what I’m about to share on the best color trends!

  1. WHITE – One of my FAVORITE trends for the summer! It’s a snow white! WHAT? Snow in the summer? Yes! I’ve been a long fan of doing my nails white (summer white) for the summer. It’s a bold look and it’s one that is very fun, too! I actually JUST got my nails done in white 2 days ago. My manicurist told me that everyone is asking for the white color lately! It’s very popular right now!
  2. CORAL – such a sweet color for the summer! I’m obsessed with essie’s “fondant of you” for the summer. It’s a perfect balance of bold and subtle… and yes, it’s possible! I think this is such a great color for hot summer days ahead. It’s also a great color that goes with summer dresses. Such a standout!
  3. PALE BLUE – Dreamy and fabulous! If you’re looking for one, check out essie’s “blue la-la.” I’m obsessed with the “blue” family when it comes to nails. Last summer there were bolder blues that were trending, like a royal type blue. This summer it’s all about the pale and I love it! It’s such a soft and relaxing color, which I love for lazy beach days! It’s just gorgeous!
  4. LIGHT PURPLE – Looking for a spotlight color? This it. OPI has a fabulous color called – You’re Such a BudaPest. I love how light this color is because sometimes too dark of a purple can look maroon, but this one is perfection. What I love about this summer is the softer touch on some bolder colors. You really get a sense of summer fun!
  5. MINT GREEN – Again, another soft color! My fave? Essie’s Mint Apple Candy!Green is such a great color, but many times people get scared to add it as a color for their nails. I get that, I do! They only time I do green is during the holiday season and it’s more of a evergreen color. I love it. It’s not right for the summer, but the MINT GREEN is perfect! I love this color for the summer because it really is such a wonderful and adorable color for the months ahead!
  6. PINK PINK PINK – Every summer needs a little PINK! I love essie’s Lovie Dovie… it’s absolutely summer perfection! I can’t do a Summer Nail Trend post without adding in some pink. Pink is such a SUMMER COLOR! Everything comes pink and I love this color because it’s a softer pink, but it’s bold at the same time. I love how it stands out and will make you smile! This is perfection on toes, too!

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