Hemangioma Update: 4 Years Old

Hemangioma updates are always difficult for me to write on my blog. I’ll never forget finding out Victoria had a hemangioma when she was a few days old. I was filled with fear and questions and uncertainty because I truly just didn’t know much about them. I immediately turned to the internet and started doing a ton of research. I just wanted to know what they were and what we as a family were in for with Victoria’s. I’ll be honest with you, the internet was a scary place for me. I read every horror story imaginable and really made myself sick. I ended up finding moms out there who shared their stories about the hemangiomas on their children… and those stories were my anchors I felt more peaceful reading about experiences and journeys… it wasn’t too medical for me, and it made it much more digestible for me and understand.

A hemangioma is defined as a benign tumor of blood vessels, often forming a red birthmark.

As with hemangiomas, they grow aggressively during the 1st 12 months of a child’s life. I wasn’t prepared for how quickly they grow, but they do… they grow fast. Victoria’s went from being a little pink mark on her head to a large red spot in the matter of 2 months. It started to puff out when she was around 4-5 months old.

I found this really helpful chart online from Children’s Hospital of Wiscosin:

Our journey with Victoria was exactly in line with this chart, this is the exact path her hemangioma took, so I do think it’s helpful to pass along to other moms and dads out there.

Now that Victoria is 4 years old, her hemangioma has regressed dramatically. I even forgot she has it! I never thought I’d be saying those words, believe me! It consumed so much of my life i the worry department, so me saying I forget that she even has it is unreal to me.

Here’s our 4 year Hemangioma Update video (please don’t mind my silly 4 year old SPITTING!)!

As you can tell, it’s definitely changed throughout the 4 years. I’d love to pass along some advice that I’ve discovered on my own throughout the last 4 years:

1. Trust your gut when it comes to doctors. We changed dermatologists 2x because I just didn’t have a good feeling about them for her. Find someone you feel comfortable with for your child.
2. Reach out and find other moms going through this, this helped me immensely!
3. Don’t keep things inside, if you’re scared… talk to someone.
4. Stay off the internet if you’re reading something scary.
5. Everything is going to be OK.

Always reach out to me if you need to – Audrey 523 @ mac.com

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