The Importance of Positive Friendships Among Young Boys #GIVEAWAY #PottymouthandStoopid

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I’m THRILLED to share that Pottymouth and Stoopid by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein with illustrations by Stephen Gilpin released YESTERDAY (June 12th, 2017)!

My son William is a GIGANTIC James Patterson fan, so he has been itching for this one to be released! He will have Pottymouth and Stoopid read in one day, I guarantee it!

So what is Pottymouth and Stoopid all about?

David and his best friend Michael were tagged with awful nicknames way back in preschool when everyone did silly things. Fast-forward to seventh grade: “Pottymouth” and “Stoopid” are still stuck with the names—and everyone in school, including the teachers and their principal, believe the labels are true. So how do they go about changing everyone’s minds? By turning their misery into megastardom on TV, of course! Follow their roller-coaster journey from the ultimate losers to the biggest winners, with more than 100 hilarious illustrations in this signature Patterson format. And this important story delivers more than just laughs—it shows that the worst bullying doesn’t have to be physical . . . and that things will get better.

This book is sure to be a hit for your child, but what I love even more is that there are some great lessons to be learned from this book. Nothing makes me happier as a parent than to see my kids reading, but the extra bonus is when they take away important lessons from a story, too.

This book is the perfect book for my 4 sons because it’s recommended for ages 9-12 (which my sons are 9, 10, 11 and 12) and it’s centered around boys. When I picked this book up today, it made me smile because it’s almost as if it was written for the McClelland boys!

One lesson I really want them to take from this book is the importance of having positive friendships. Ever since they were little and old enough to know what a friend is, I’ve always hoped and prayed that they would each find a good group of boys to hang out with. I’ve been very lucky to see each of them gravitate towards a handful of boys and really form a beautiful and strong bond with them. I was always with my friends when I was a young girl, they were my anchors at school and just in life in general! We had so much fun together and I REALLY have always wanted that for my own sons, too.

This is what positive friendships bring you in life, especially among boys:

  1. Confidence – You feel confident about yourself because you know your friends like you for YOU.
  2. Loyalty – There’s nothing like having your tribe of friends always to support you.
  3. Kindness – It’s important for boys to see kindness among each other, so is vital and so important.
  4. Togetherness – I love seeing my sons have their group. They do everything together and it’s a cool sight to see.
  5. Happiness – A true friend makes you happy and brings positive influences into your life, this is so important for young boys.

Positive friendships among boys is important because as they grow up together, they will be experiencing things together. To know that they have each other’s backs and that they are always here for each other is so important. I want my sons to always feel that “safety” when it comes to their friendships. I want them to know that they can count on their buddies and one another.

I’m also lucky because my sons are all so close in age, so they are also each other’s friends, too. I love seeing their bond get tighter and tighter as they grow. It’s a beautiful sight for me.

I’m telling you, this book is GREAT! So much goodness from it!

And I’m not alone in thinking that, check out some of these amazing praises:

“This book is light and mighty. Funny and honest. And, in the words of one kid (who lives in my house), ‘It’s like he wrote about the people in my school (minus the limos and flufferknuckles, of course). Pottymouth and Stoopid is really, really good.’” —Kwame Alexander, Newbery Medal-winning author of The Crossover

“I have one word for this book: SUPERWONDERRIFIC.” —Jerry Spinelli, Newbery Medal-winning author of Maniac Magee and Stargirl

“A funny, poignant tale of two quirky boys who suffer from years of endless teasing. Pottymouth and Stoopid triumph in the end, but only after reminding us how painful bullying can be. Boys are going to love this story.” — Dr. Michael Thompson, New York Times bestselling co-author of Raising Cain

“Silly, insightful, and triumphant, POTTYMOUTH AND STOOPID proves that awesome humor goes hand-in-hand with making the world a better place. Pottymouth and Stoopid are full of heart and brain and joy. You’ll remember this book and these boys for a long time.” – Carrie Jones, New York Times bestelling author of the Need series, Time Stoppers, and co-editor of Dear Bully

This really is the Best Book for Boys in Years!



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  1. 6.13.17
    mami2jcn said:

    Bullying is such an important issue around middle school. My sons are 12 & 14 and would benefit from reading this book.

  2. 6.13.17
    Mary W said:

    This book would be for my twin nephews. They are avid reasers and would enjoy the story and the message. Their parents would like the book too.

  3. 6.13.17

    This looks like such a fun book! Would love to read this! Thanks for the chance!

  4. 6.13.17
    Susan P. said:

    This book would be for my great nephew. I had girls but the idea of friends and bullying is a non-gender issue. My oldest daughter became friends with a girl because she was being bullied and they are still BFFs, 20 years later.

  5. 6.13.17
    shelly peterson said:

    This would be a great book for my son. Thanks for the chance!
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  6. 6.13.17
    Mimi said:

    It’s always been SO important for my boys to have strong, positive relationships with boys not only their age, but even a bit older and a bit younger. Learning from the older ones and then teaching the younger ones. Boys also need a good selection of books! There don’t seem to be many out there for this age group. This book would definitely be for my son!

  7. 6.13.17
    patricia caradonna said:

    I would give this book to my nephew Paul. This would be a great story and learning opportunity for this young man.

  8. 6.13.17
    Kim Henrichs said:

    Would love to share this with my co-worker’s son for his birthday!

  9. 6.13.17
    HS said:

    I would love my sons to read and learn from this book.

  10. 6.14.17
    Lisa Brown said:

    I would give this book to my son.
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  11. 6.14.17
    Robyn Sukkar said:

    Love this!! My boys are also HUGE James Patterson fans and we have been dying for this book to come out. Perfect summer reading for middle school boys.

  12. 6.14.17
    Amy doerfler said:

    I’d share it with my nephews. They are at the perfect age for this!

  13. 6.14.17
    Gina M said:

    I have a seven year old son who is just starting to become more aware of how to form good friendships. He is also becoming quite the reader, and I think this would be something he would really enjoy!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  14. 6.14.17
    Sky said:

    I think this. Ion would be a hit for my twin nephews!

  15. 6.14.17
    Lauren said:

    This book would be for my son.

  16. 6.14.17

    This looks like a great book! If I won, I’d give it to my son. He loves reading!

  17. 6.14.17
    Maggie M said:

    My nephew! Sounds like an amazing book! Thank you!

  18. 6.14.17
    Patti said:

    Wonderful giveaway! I would love to have this book for a future grandson!

  19. 6.14.17
    Joy Adamonis said:

    My son would love this for his flight to Europe this summer! He adores reading

  20. 6.14.17
    Shannon S said:

    I would love to win this for my older 2 sons, 9 and 11. My oldest loves to read and this sounds like a perfect fit.

  21. 6.14.17
    Kristi said:

    This sounds like a fun book!! This would be for my son(almost 8)! He was learned to read fairly well and enjoys a good book!

  22. 6.14.17
    Susan Christy said:

    I would give this to my great nephew.

  23. 6.14.17
    Sidnie said:

    I’d hand it my boys in exchange for a few hours peace! 😉

  24. 6.15.17
    vickie couturier said:

    I have some tween grandsons that this would be perfect for

  25. 6.15.17
    Elena said:

    This book would be great for my son to read

  26. 6.15.17
    Mare said:

    This book will be for my son. He’s read the entire “Middle School” series by James Patterson and has just loved them.

  27. 6.15.17
    Jodi said:

    My two sons, 8 and 10 years old.

  28. 6.15.17
    Kelly D said:

    This book would be for my son. He is starting middle school next year, so I think it would be good for him to read. I think my daughter would like it too!

  29. 6.16.17
    latanya said:

    I would give it to my son

  30. 6.17.17
    Sandy said:

    I would love to win this for my girls and boys. I would also love to read this myself and see if it is suitable for school. My kids are in the age range so they would love it and they love reading aloud to each other so this would be a perfect book and to grow together and probably to discuss issues. Thank you for the chance.

  31. 6.17.17
    Sadie B. said:

    My daughter would like to read this book.

  32. 6.18.17
    Carolsue said:

    I’d like this book for my 8-year old son. James Patterson is a great author!

  33. 6.18.17
    Erika W said:

    My son would like this book. It looks good!

  34. 6.18.17
    Jen said:

    I would give this book to my niece as she is going to enter middle school this year.

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