What You Need to Do Friday to Be Ready for Monday

What You Need to Do Friday to Be Ready for Monday

Today’s Friday, so that means I’m prepping for Monday. This summer I started taking time on my Friday to really stop and prep for my upcoming Monday. Earlier this year I started getting very stressed every Monday morning. I was trying to get the week kicked off on the right foot for my family, for my husband and for our lives… but by the time I sat down to get my work self ready for the week – I was ALL over the place. I hated that feeling of being overwhelmed, especially on a Monday! The last thing I wanted to do was start the week off on the wrong foot! It DOESN’T MAKE for a “inspired” week ahead!

I decided to do something about it because I knew the SUMMER was even more of a stressful time for me with all the kids home and trying to work from home, too!

I started prepping for my Monday on Friday.

WHAT? Yup.

As much as I would love my Fridays to be an easy day with not much work to do, I started making my Fridays all about wrapping up the week and getting myself centered and ready for the next one. It doesn’t take a ton of time to do, I’ve gotten myself into a good and easy routine… and I’ll tell you what – it’s FANTASTIC when Monday morning rolls around.

I wanted to give you an example of what I’m talking about:

1. I start looking through my emails and ‘red flagging’ anything that I haven’t gotten to yet. Before I forget and allow it to go into cyber-land, I flag it before that happens. It’s great because then I know that there are emails to get back to when Monday kicks off! Let’s face it – nobody likes an email pitch on a Friday afternoon in the summer!

2.I start looking at content that I need to create for next week. I always have a loose editorial calendar of themes and ideas that I want to attack during the week, but I make sure everything is written down and brain-dumped before I end my Friday. Video ideas. Blog ideas. Photo ideas. You name it!

3. I love to pitch every single day, it’s my happy thing to do! I love to jot down 2-3 brands that I really would like to connect with on Monday.

4. Anyone that I want to connect with in terms of business lunch, coffee meet-ups, potential business… I write it all down.

5. I always organize my office up before Monday, too! There’s something about a clean office that makes me feel like I can take on the world!

6. I also make sure my planner is up to date and has everything down! If that’s not updated, I’m a goner!

For extra help for you to get you started, I’m including a FREE printable below! Try this worksheet out and jot down anything and everything you need to do to get ready fro Monday – TODAY! It will make your Monday HAPPY, I promise!


What You Need to Do Friday to Be Ready for Monday

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