J.Crew Blazer – Spring Must Have

Spring fashion is almost upon us! Are you ready!? I know I’m as ready as can be. Spring is a fun time of year because (especially in Rhode Island) you don’t need to be dressed from head to toe in thick winter layers and layers and layers. With spring – we can finally start to say goodbye to boots and hats and scarves and puffer jackets (although now I just cinched myself a snowstorm, right?). Spring layers are key with spring fashion, but I’m talking light layers – which are easy as can be to style and wear. I’m all about finding key layers to wear like a J.Crew Blazer that will step up your outfit, but also look so chic and classic at the same time.

J.Crew Blazer – Spring Must Have

It’s no secret that J.Crew is one of my favorite shopping destinations. The clothing is classic and preppy and chic all at the same time. I love that you can really level up an outfit by adding one key piece and a blazer is one of those items. I’m actually a spring blazer lover. I have over a dozen different options when it comes to spring blazers because they are such phenomenal add-on pieces. I recently bought a J.Crew Blazer that I’ve had my eye on for awhile now. I don’t have many navy blue blazers in my closet, mostly I have black – gray – animal prints – leather.

A classic navy blue blazer with gold buttons has been on my list and I’ve been on the fashion hunt (literally). When I saw that J. Crew was having a sale this past holiday – I jumped at this blazer. I get real excited about fashion deals because I refuse to pay full price for anything if I don’t have to, which I feel everyone should follow suit with, too! I’m a big believer in fashion versatility and I knew this blazer would be worn 100+ times!

J.Crew Blazer – Classic Navy

I found this gem on the J. Crew Factory site which is a hotbed for amazing deals! This is the Schoolboy Blazer in Navy Blue! What I loved about this blazer immediately was that it was truly the kind of blazer I could pair with jeans and still know that I could pair with skirts and trousers and over dresses, too. It’s a classic fit, so you really do feel that preppy feel. Not to mention the fit is perfect and would work on any body shape and it’s 100% to size. I wear a solid size 4 and it’s a perfect fit for me. The sleeves hit exactly where they should and the length is a classic blazer fit.

J.Crew Blazer - Navy Blue Classic Schoolboy Blazer

J.Crew Blazer Product Details

Here are some of the details of the blazer from the fabric to the specific product item number if you want to try and find it online and order it directly from a store.

  • Poly/viscose/elastane.
  • Hits at hip.
  • Button closure.
  • Chest pocket, flap patch pockets.
  • Lined.
  • Dry clean.
  • Item J4548.

J.Crew Blazer - Navy Blue Classic Schoolboy Blazer

When you’re shopping for a blazer for the spring, you should really keep 5 things in mind when shopping for one because these pieces are investment pieces. When I say investment pieces I really do mean that these items should last you years and years. Blazers are different from tee shirts and even shorts and sometimes jeans. Blazers should last you 10+ years. I have blazers in my closet that I used to wear to work back in 2003! These blazers are just perfect items to always keep on hand because if you buy correctly – they will never (ever) go out of style.

5 Tips for Buying a Blazer

  1. Make sure you’re buying classic colors. As much as I love a good bold print, these prints won’t always be in style. I once bought a neon yellow blazer (yes, you read that right) and I used it for 2 years and then sold it on eBay. You want to make sure the colors classic that can be worn over and over. My opinion? Everyone should have a black blazer, navy blazer and a white blazer in their closet.
  2. Make sure you find a classic fit and always gravitate towards that first. I love mixing up styles when it comes to everything, but it’s also key to make sure the fit is classic. Classic will bring you season to season.
  3. Find stores that have good quality blazers. A J.Crew Blazer will last you for years and years. They’re a little bit more on the pricey side, but that’s what you’re paying for. I’ve bought blazers at H&M before that work for a season and they just looked used and ragged the next one. That’s like tossing $30-40 bucks right out the window. Don’t do that!
  4. Find one that fits! Not all blazers are created equal. Sometimes the sleeves can be too long. Sometimes the length can be off. You just need to make sure you find what fits you best and go with that blazer.
  5. Find a blazer that you feel the most comfortable in and (most important) feel the most confident in! I feel that every single fashion item should make you feel like you can take on the world!

J.Crew Blazer - Navy Blue Classic Schoolboy Blazer

J.Crew Blazer Options – Spring Fashion

I’m going to run through some other options, too! I know that there are a bunch to choose from, but this one just screams my name! As you can see it really is a beautiful shade of navy blue. It’s not too dark and it’s not too light. It’s just perfect!

J.Crew Blazer - Navy Blue Classic Schoolboy Blazer

Other Schoolboy faves from J.Crew, all available right now at J. Crew Factory! Head to this link to see them right now!

I’m obsessed with these additional options – red //light blue // gray // camel – these options are perfect for spring fashion as an add-on layer! Just think of all the possibilities you can do with these pieces.

J. Crew Blazer

J. Crew Blazer

J. Crew Blazer

J. Crew Blazer

People are always asking me too about the best deals when it comes to J. Crew, specifically on a J. Crew Blazer because the price points can be a little high. This is what I usually do when it comes to staying on top of the best deals and sales:

1. Make sure you sign up for the email alerts from J. Crew. You will get one regularly announcing all sales and deals and discounts going on.

2. Shop J. Crew Factory when you can. These blazers are all available there right now, as well as on the regular site. I’m a HUGE J. Crew Factory lover because I know the prices there will always be low.

3. Remember to shop through eBates for additional money back!

4. Make sure to bookmark certain items you like and then regularly check on them! I love to do this through ShopStyle… I heart all the styles I love and when one goes on sale, I get an email!

5. Keep in mind that EVERYTHING eventually goes on sale. There are very few things I will buy at full price because I know this so well now. Just be patient, I promise – it will come!

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