Mary Poppins Costume DIY

We’re loving our Disneybounding together! If you’ve been following my journey on Instagram – I’m all about having some Disney magic and fun with my beautiful girl. I’m letting her dictate who we’re going to be next! So first up – we did our Minnie Mouse Disneybounding and Costume DIY. I asked her who she wanted to dress up like next and she said, “MARY POPPINS!” And so – here we are! I’m all about Mary Poppins Costume DIY because it’s easy to do if you know what you’re looking for and can find it! I’m so excited to share this particular one with you today!

Mary Poppins Costume DIY

Mary Poppins Costume

As you can tell – I’ve been letting Victoria dress up in the full Disney Princess Costumes! Her outfit is easy because we actually already have all of these costumes at home. I buy them whenever I can! I love catching them on super sale after Halloween or I’ll find them at resale shops or on eBay! You can really have some Disney fun without paying a ton of money on the Disney costumes! I find that I find the best ones on eBay, so be on the lookout if you have some Disney Princess and Dress-up LOVERS! You can’t go wrong!

I’m all about Mary Poppins! If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s all about Mary Poppins. When Jane and Michael, the children of the wealthy and uptight Banks family, are faced with the prospect of a new nanny, they are pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the magical Mary Poppins. She’s this magical nanny who transforms these kids’ lives. It’s a beautiful story that really leaves a lasting impression and makes you feel good! You sing and you dance and you smile throughout the entire movie! I had the original one playing in the car fro Victoria for ever and I swear I could recite the entire movie by heart!

Halloween Costume

So how did we transform into Mary Poppins?

First off – Amazon was my very best friend! I went online and just searched for 2 terms “Mary Poppins Skirt” and “Mary Poppins Blouse!” Immediately a variety of options popped right on up! It was so cute to see that there were so many people out there selling these awesome costume pieces. I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money because (let’s be honest) how many times will I really wear this Mary Poppins Costume out and about? I needed it to be perfect for my Victoria… she was my main goal!

Victoria’s costume was a snap! Mary Poppins has so many different outfits, but this one is the iconic one for kids to have some fun with! The costume was about $25 and came with the hat, blouse, skirt, umbrella bird and collar/tie! It was adorable to see Victoria tear open the box and toss everything on in a nanosecond! She was so cute and so ready to be MARY!! We also found this awesome spot in our town to take all the photos in, which I just loved because it really gave it a Mary Poppins feel!

Disneybound Challenge

Alright… so for my Mary Poppins Costume DIY. I knew that I had pieces at home that I could add right on in, but I did need the essentials. The blouse was key. The second I saw the blouse on, I knew it was perfect! And the skirt! I swear I feel in love with the skirt! I actually will be wearing this a ton throughout the spring and summer months ahead! It was just perfect for me and I loved how comfortable it was, too!

DIY Mary Poppins

I grabbed a navy blue blazer that I had at home, along with a little clutch and used them as props! I know Mary Poppins didn’t necessarily have a navy blazer, but the best part about Disneybounding is being inspired by your fave characters and creating a look that reminds you of them! This one was an easy one for me because I really do this of Mary as the ultimate classic and business attired woman. She always looked put together – hair and clothes and bags! She was just the perfect professional!

Mary Poppins Costume

DIY Mary Poppins Costume

And then… of course – we came together! Victoria was OVER THE MOON to see me dressed up! She was so cute and so adorable when she saw me! I don’t think she’s ever been so excited about anything else! She LOVES to play dress up, so to have mom do it with her is like the biggest dream come true! Now only if we did this at Disney… she wouldn’t know what to do!! It’s just really fun to have this with her and enjoy the moments. I know she won’t want to dress up like this forever, so I’m embracing these moments more than you can possibly know!


DIsney World

DIY Costume

I didn’t know what photo to post on Instagram, so I posted the one above! I felt like I couldn’t go wrong because as long as Victoria was beaming in the photo, it worked! She told all of her friends about this adventure! The best was that I had people seeing us take the photos! The texts were so funny – “Are you in the center of town dressed as Mary Poppins?”


Yes, I am.

Anything for my girl! Anything at all!

I encourage you to have some Disney fun! Find a character you love and dress up like that person! Be creative and don’t overthink it, just let go and enjoy the magic of it all!

I created a fun video of our adventure and hope you like it!


Mary Poppins Costume DIY | Disneybounding (affiliates)

Mary Poppins Costume for Kids

Mary Poppins Skirt

Mary Poppins Blouse


We will be creating more and more of these fun Disneybounding characters and styles, so make sure you stay tuned on in with me! It’s been a ton of fun watching other people do it, too! Everyone seems to inspire someone else and it’s really just a bunch of fun for everyone!

Check out YouTube for more of my videos, too!


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