One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

My bikini days are over. I mean – OVER. Dead. Gone. Never coming back. I think it took me till this past summer to realize that I needed to truly retire the bikinis. After 5 kids – let’s just be real – the body didn’t go back to the way it started. Truthfully I couldn’t care less.

I’m not worried about it or stressing over it, bathing suits are bathing suits. The most important thing is making sure you feel comfortable and confident. For me it’s all about my one piece bathing suits Target offers right now. I was just away in Florida and grabbed a few suits before I left and though I actually didn’t layout by the pool, I felt (dare I say it) ready and even excited about it!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

One Piece Bathing Suits Target

At 40 years old my body needs a one piece bathing suit. I’m chasing Victoria around the pool and (to be fair) I just feel way more comfortable rocking a one piece than sucking my stomach in endlessly with a bikini on. It’s tough because there are so many adorable and gorgeous bikinis out there, but it just doesn’t fit into my lifestyle. One piece bathing suits are the way to go for me now. It’s winter in Rhode Island right now, so finding bathing suits isn’t very easy. I got lucky with the finding some adorable One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style last week.

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit:

I’m a big believer in TRYING ON SWIMSUITS.  You just cannot grab a swimsuit off the rack and go home. OK… maybe if you’re Gisele you can do that, but not for us mortals. You need to try it on, look it over, see how you feel, imagine yourself on a beach or by a pool, see if you could chase a kid, see if you can bend down without getting a wedgy (unless that’s what you want)… you know – run through all the things you need to think about when it comes to bathing suits.

I took my daughter Victoria with me to Target last week and brought into the dressing room (no joke) about 12 one piece bathing suits. She was great to be with because every single bathing suit I tried on, she loved. “Oh mom! You look so pretty!” She was perfect for my self esteem and made me feel REAL good! I like the One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style because there really is a suit for every shape and every body. Target really does a great job at offering so many different kinds of cuts and styles.

You know what you feel the most comfortable in, so make sure you take the time to find cuts and styles that work for your figure. I know that I need the suit to cut higher up on my thighs because I’m 5 feet and it gives the illusion that my legs are longer. It just makes me feel better, so I stay away from anything with a boy cut bottom. I had some fun in the dressing room snapping some pictures of my fave styles! I ended up buying 3 of these suits! Not to mention the prices are AMAZING!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

#1 – One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style: I loved this style because there was ruching in the stomach area. Since my stomach is my target problem area (after 5 kids it just continuously looks like I’m pregnant!) I like to make sure whatever bathing suit I find it works well for me and isn’t too tight. I love how this suit gives me confidence and stripes always work when you’re trying to distract from a certain region. I grabbed this one immediately!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

#2 One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style – Florals are BIG this season, you’re going to see them everywhere! I love this suit because – again – prints distract when it comes to my stomach region. Also – I know you can’t see it too well – but the busy cut is very flattering for me because I’m not that (ahem) endowed on top. I feel comfortable in this swimsuit, it’s the kind of swimsuit that I could dive into the water in and not worried about it falling down! I don’t need a bathing suit mishap in the pool, not with 5 kids! I would never, ever live that one down! I also know you can’t see the back, but it’s a beautiful swoop.

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

#3 One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style – OK… I didn’t buy this one, but I did love it. What turned me off was that I didn’t like how it had ties on the side. That wasn’t my style, so I didn’t get it… but the color and the cut on top was perfection! If I could take away the side ties this would be my summer suit! I also love the feel of it, it was very comfortable and really well-suited (pun intended) for a mom at the pool or at the beach!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

#4 One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style – This suit POPPED because I saw a ton of women last year with this same exact suit. When I saw it on the racks again, I thought to myself… this must have been so popular that they went with it again! Props to Target! Why mess with something that works? THIS. IS. A BATHING. SUIT. This really is the PERFECT suit for a young mom at the beach or at the pool. It gives you the ability to run, walk, chase, swim, dive and even leave in the suit! It really is a great option. I didn’t get this one, but I thought it would be perfect for my mom friends with little ones!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

#5 One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style – RED IS HOT HOT HOT! I’ve been wanting a red swimsuit for the longest time. I’m all over a red swimsuit. This style is sexy and beautiful and chic and just about everything I want! I fell in love with this style and wanted to leave in this swimsuit! It was just fantastic! I sent a photo to my husband and this was his favorite hands down! I just really loved this one and really felt like this was the best option for me. And come on – add a hat and add a cover up!

One Piece Bathing Suits Target Style

There are key features when trying to decide fit for a swimsuit:

  1. Fit
  2. Style
  3. Comfort

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