Camp Fuller | YMCA of Greater Providence

Are you looking for a summer camp for your kids? This is the 1st summer that I know I need a camp for my kids. Every summer I feel like I’m running around like crazy trying to find things for the kids to do. I’m excited that for the 1st time ever, my kids are interested in overnight camp. A couple of weeks age we went to Wakefield, RI to tour Camp Fuller of YMCA of Greater Providence. We were mesmerized by the amazingness of this camp! It was absolutely awesome and I would love my kids to go to this camp and enjoy the awesomeness of everything that it has to offer!

Camp Fuller | YMCA of Greater Providence

Camp Fuller

I’m not kidding – from the second we drove up to Camp Fuller, I felt like it was perfect. I had this feeling come over me that this was where I wanted my kids to be, to go in the summer. As someone who relies on social media and technology for my livelihood, there was something so peaceful and relaxing about having no technology there for the kids. It was like walking back in time. A time when I was a kid and things were, dare I say it… easier. Camp was just like the camp in the movie Parent Trap. It was a place to come and have fun, learn and be a kid! It was a place where you come and enjoy everything around you and all the activities!

Summer Camp Options in Rhode Island

The beauty of Camp Fuller and where it’s located is just incredible. As I was walking around, I kept saying to myself, “This is unbelievable!” The views from the cabins and the camp is just exquisite! It’s like being away on the most exclusive camp in the world! In Rhode Island we’re known for the water around us – hence the “Ocean State” – so when I saw the views, I was mesmerized!

Greater Providence YMCA

Summer Camp Options in Rhode Island

It was a camp I actually wish I could attend! This is the kind of camp you go to and then want to go again and again and again! It’s the kind of camp that teaches your child independence and creativity and life skills. It’s the kind of camp that you wish YOU went to as a kid!

Summer Camp Options in Rhode Island

What is Camp Fuller all about?

Camp Fuller

YMCA Camp Fuller is a traditional co-educational summer camp for boys and girls ages 7-16. Our location on Point Judith Salt Pond is ideal for water activities as well as several land activities.

  • Water fun: swim, sail, canoe, kayak, windsurf, water skiing
  • Sports: archery, soccer, ropes course, biking, volleyball, yoga, basketball, skateboarding
  • Arts & Crafts: gardening, nature exploration, dance, music, chess, photography

Summer Camp Options in Rhode Island

Camp Fuller

Camp Fuller prides itself on a long-standing tradition of cultivating competent and experienced people. Many of our staff members are former campers who have a deep appreciation for camp and would like to share their experience and love for camp with the campers. We hire staff from around the country and around the world to provide diversity and a chance for cultural exchange. A health director, food service director, and on-site director provide leadership, supervision, and necessary health and safety experience.

Camp Fuller

Campers live with their counselors in one of four divisions: two for boys and two for girls. The division consists of seven to nine cabins with typically eight campers and two staff per cabin. The cabins and divisions are important family-like structures.

Greater Providence YMCA

Greater Providence YMCA

Summer Camp Options in Rhode Island

There are multiple Camp Sessions throughout the summer which is amazing because as every mom and dad knows, there’s not one schedule that fits all. The various Camp Sessions are as follow:

At Camp Fuller, there’s something for every child. We offer a variety of camp experiences – from short to long-term camps, to special interest camps, development camps and every fun activity in-between. For dates, fees, and descriptions of our 2019 camps, please scroll down.

  • One-Week, Two-Week & Four-Week Sessions
  • Leadership in Training (LIT) Program
  • Specialty Camps

One-Week Sessions

Ages 7-12 | $835 | $150 deposit

This session is designed for campers trying overnight camp for the first time. All camp activities will be available to this group. Our OWS1b features a 4th of July celebration!

OWS1a June 23 – June 29
OWS1b June 30 – July 6

Two-Week Sessions

Ages 8-16 | $1,620 | $300 deposit

Campers have the freedom to choose their own activities each week. Personal interaction and lifelong friendships are the hallmarks of the Camp Fuller experience. We also offer four-week specials for campers who just can’t get enough from two weeks. Session 1 features a 4th of July celebration!

Session 1 June 23 – July 6
Session 2 July 7 – July 20
Session 3 July 21 – August 3
Session 4 August 4 – August 17

Four-Week Sessions

Ages 8-16 | $3,160 | $450 deposit

Does not include the cost of “changeover” day, July 6-7 or August 3-4. Double your fun at Camp Fuller and stay four weeks. FWS1 features a 4th of July celebration!

FWS1 June 23 – July 20
FWS2 July 21 – August 17

Leaders In Training (LIT) Program

Participants must be 15 yrs by June 20, 2019. | $3,190 | $450 deposit

This is a four-week program. LIT live in their own cabin with staff members. LIT have two periods in the morning that are dedicated to developing general leadership skills. During the rest of the day, LIT participate in programs with the rest of the camp community. Evening activities are designed to help mold the LIT into a cohesive group. A capstone to the LIT experience is to plan, organize, and execute a variety of activities for the entire camp community. Click here for more information.

LIT 1 June 23 – July 20
LIT 2 July 21 – August 17

Specialty Camp

Ages 10-16 | $835 | $150 deposit

Camp Fuller offers campers the chance to delve deeper into an area of special interest to them while still enjoying traditional camp activities. Prices vary.

SeaQuest Marine Biology August 18 – August 23
Point Judith Sailing August 18 – August 23
Aqua Adventure August 18 – August 23

Camp Fuller was exceptional and we loved walking around touring the camp and all of its activities and offerings. I highly recommend this option for your child if you’re looking for something during the summer. The prices are very reasonable and the amount of things that your child gets to do every single day is just amazing!

Check out Greater Providence YMCA website for more information and how to register!

Check out this master “What to Pack for Camp” List to help you out, too!

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  1. 4.23.19
    Lynne said:

    I am a fan of sleepaway camps for kids. I think it offers them a chance to try out some independence, while still being kept safe. My sons both went to sleepaway camp – and then ended up volunteering as junior counselors during their high school years, and working there every summer as a full time counselor during their college years. They also made a lot of lifelong friends, that they still keep in touch with. Shout out to Camp Wartburg here in Illinois!

  2. 4.24.19
    Sarah L said:

    This is a great experience for kids. I like all the activities they offer.

  3. 4.24.19
    mami2jcn said:

    I went to sleep-away camp for a week when I was 13 and I had the greatest time…I didn’t want to go back home! This camp looks awesome!

  4. 4.24.19
    bn100 said:

    fun for kids

  5. 4.26.19
    Antoinette M said:

    Sure is a beautiful setting for a camp!

  6. 4.27.19
    sandra said:

    Looks like a nice camp

  7. 5.12.19
    Donna said:

    This seems like such a fun experience for kids! I like the variety of activities they offer. It’s nice that they have multiple Camp Sessions too.

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