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I’m all (I mean, ALL) about finding the cutest Mommy and Me Matching Shirts. For me? It’s more than just creating a twinning look with my daughter, it’s about creating memories and really having some fun with her. I actually remember having a light green sweater that matched with my mom and my little sister when I was young. I was probably 5 years old (same age as Victoria) and I used to love it when my mom matched us all together. It left an impression on me, I felt special. I truly hope that my own 5 year old daughter is feeling the same kind of fun and love and happiness from twinning with me now!

Mommy and Me Matching Shirts

The Children's Place Mom Mini

I’m always on the hunt for cute dresses or tops or anything that Victoria and I can twin in. I even saw bathing suits last weekend that were super adorable, but they didn’t have our sizes. I’m just all about matching with her right now. I know she gets excited about it and I personally love it. I found these super sweet Mommy and Me Matching Shirts while I was perusing the The Children’s Place online hop last week and I had to scoop them up! Last year they had a gorgeous Mommy and Me Collection and I bought matching dresses for us which we STILL wear now! Actually – those dresses are what we wore (per Victoria!) to my 40th birthday celebration!

How cute are these Mommy and Me Matching Shirts that I found at The Children’s Place? This girl is my SQUAD. She’s my girl. I love wearing something that reflects my love and my mood! After having 4 boys, this little one is my love. I tell her that I waited for her to come to me, always knowing she would when she was ready to! The time needed to be just right! Thank goodness it was! She’s just learning to read now, but she saw the word MOM and lit up! I told her what the shirts said and that she was my squad, my special bestie. Always and forever!

Mommy and Me Matching Shirts

Mommy and Me Matching Shirts Details:

Mom Daughter Squad

Check out the matching version of this tee for the whole family and share your style using #mystylePLACE!

  • Made of 100% cotton jersey
  • Rib-knit crew neck
  • Foil ‘Mom Daughter #squad’ graphic design at front
  • Tagless label
  • Note: please reference the adult size chart for this item.
  • Imported

Mommy and Me Matching Shirts

The shirt comes in a mom, girl and toddler size options! This was the first time I ordered a girl size! I’m officially out of the toddler sizes and I’m so sad about it! I think it truly makes me soak up this special time with my daughter so much more because I know how quickly time goes by. I see how fast the clock ticks and it’s sad to me that time won’t just slow down. I look back at baby pictures of her and it seems so long ago! The cutest part is that she wore the shirt to school the next day and said to me, “I will tell everyone that you’re my best friend!” Slay me.

The Children's Place Mom Mini

My husband has been having some fun with me and my girl taking us on different photos shoots for our Mommy and Me photos. It’s turned into something that we didn’t expect for any of us… bonding time for all 3 of us. Victoria (as the youngest) has just always had to go with the flow. She’s here, there and everywhere with us because it’s just the way her life is right now. But this time with just the 3 of us? It’s nice. It’s all about her and having fun together. She cracks us up and really shines her little light. I love it so much!

The Children's Place Mom Mini

My advice to all the mamas out there – grab some Mommy and Me Matching Shirts. Wear them proud. I know know know that there is going to come a time where Victoria DOES NOT want to do this with me. I’m bottling up the time right now that I have with her as a little one just enjoying the matching time with me. It means something to me. It really is special to me. I love the photos we take and I will keep these framed forever in our home. It’s something that you can do on your own time and just wear out and about. The smiles you’ll be will be super duper special!

The Children’s Place has so many different styles and options for you and your family. There are dresses that are super sweet and adorable! There are items for the dads and the sons, too! OK. I bought a MOM SQUAD shirt for the boys, I don’t know if they will get in a photo with me, but I will try to snag them into it! I just love being able to have a shopping destination to go to that has these awesome styles for families. Twinning has become such a HUGE trend and I love that it’s something that you can easily and affordably do with your little ones.

Check out us rocking our Mommy and Me Matching Dresses last year from The Children’s Place! We had so much fun with these and really enjoyed watching people’s faces light up when we walked in for dinner for my birthday!

I will add this – creating memories is something that’s so special to do. I know that Victoria (OK, I hope) will look back at these photos someday with her mama in a full blown tutu and smile! I think it’s a cute way for kids to see and understand the love a parent has for their child. I know it’s the little things that matter the most, and I hope that she sees this someday and loves and appreciates it as much as I do. I truly cherish this time with her so much! She’s my girl. She’s my squad. She’s my everything.

Let me know what Shirt you GET!


Enjoy the Matching with the little ones in your life!! Here’s a gift card for you!

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    I just bought my daughters some Americana dresses for the 4th of July on The Children’s Place web site and I noticed the mom shirts. I think it’s a great idea to have mommy and me matching clothes!

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