Paige Hathaway Interview: How to Keep Fit During Pregnancy

Are you pregnant right now? Are you keeping yourself fit and healthy? Are you a Paige Hathaway fan (I know I am!). After having 5 babies, I know firsthand how important it is to keep yourself fit and healthy during pregnancy. I’m someone who has always been super passionate about doing everything I can to keep myself motivated and active before, during and after my pregnancies. But here’s the thing. I’m not a fitness expert. I couldn’t give you sound advice about fitness and pregnancy on my own. For that kind of expertise I turn to people who I trust (and adore) and Paige Hathaway is one of those people! She’s the real deal and I was thrilled to hear that she was taking some time to answer some questions that I had for her regarding fitness and pregnancy.

Paige Hathaway Interview

How to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

As many of you know Paige Hathaway, is a global fitness icon who recently announced that she’s expecting her first child (a baby girl!). I’ve always appreciated the success and hustle of Paige in the digital world. She’s one of the first to monetize social media with 11 million followers (yes, 11 million!) across all platforms and inspires individuals worldwide through her work with Fitin5 ChallengeLIV Body and as a global ambassador of F45. Now, she wants to channel her energy towards helping other expectant moms! I personally love this because Paige Hathaway has so much to share about fitness and pregnancy… and I think this is an arena that so many expectant moms wonder about and struggle with and have so many questions about, too!
When I was coming up with questions to ask Paige Hathaway, I really was trying to think of how it was for me when I was expecting. I wish wish wish I had someone like Paige giving me advice back then. I was so nervous the first time around because I didn’t know if I could workout. I didn’t want to hurt my baby, but I also knew my body was craving exercise. I know so many women have so many questions about fitness and pregnancy and I’m thrilled to have Paige here as an expert and leader in the space giving her advice and honest feedback.
Paige Hathaway
Interview with Paige Hathaway:
Paige Hathaway
1. Why is important for you to share you fitness journey while expecting?

A: I want to share my pregnancy journey because I want to provide helpful and encouraging support, suggestions and stories!

I know for myself that at times Ive searched for  other women’s real journeys, and was so thankful to those who were brave enough to tell theirs, imperfect and all. This process is mentally, physically, and emotionally different than anything I’ve ever been through and I know I’m not alone! I want the beautiful things, and also some not-so-fun stuff along the way! I’m so excited to share my journey with you because life doesn’t stop when you’re pregnant. Your new journey is just beginning!

2. What’s the biggest misconception you feel pregnant women face?
A: That you can’t exercise when your pregnant or that you have to be “so careful” that your routine is modified so much that you went from working out to barely doing anything! WHEN IN REALITY… YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING THAT YOU DID BEFORE YOU GOT PREGNANT! If you lifted weights before you got pregnant, go on momma and lift those weight while you’re pregnant. Whether you ran marathons, did CrossFit, Pilates or played sports.. go on with your bad self and continue to be a bad ass! Everything that you did before you were pregnant for fitness you can do now! Unless your doctor recommends sticking to walks, yoga, and light weights, which she may do in high-risk situations, then go on and continue to do everything you have always done.  It’s perfectly safe to continue with your regularly scheduled activity even after you get pregnant as long as you listen to your body!
3. What made you start your social media channel? How do you create your content?
A: I started my channel to share my love and passion for health and wellness! I know how much fitness has changed and shaped my life for the better and I just wanted to share that with the world. I create content depending on what chapter I am going through in life. I always make content that’s real, raw and vulnerable. I want to relate to my reviews with my own experiences.
4. Do you feel fitness during pregnancy helps women mentally and emotionally too?
A: Women are more susceptible than ever to depression during pregnancy, with an estimated one in two of all women reporting increased depression or anxiety while they’re expecting. But tons of research has found that exercising during pregnancy significantly REDUCES depression, releasing endorphins that help improve mood while diminishing stress and anxiety!
5. What are you most excited about with your pregnancy?
A: I’m so excited to be a MOM!
6. For women who are scared to workout during pregnancy, what’s your best advice?
A: Check out these advantages of exerciser during pregnancy:
• Reduces risks of pregnancy complications.
• Lower odds of delivery complications.
• Speeds up post delivery recovery.
• Lower your blood pressure.
• Ease your back and pelvic pain.
• Fight fatigue and improve your sleep.
• Relieve constipation.
• Boost your mood pre and post baby!
…..Now tell me who doesn’t want all of those benefits from working out while pregnant… I know I do!!!
A huge thank you to Paige Hathaway for taking the time to answer these questions! She’s simply amazing and I love how open and honest she was with me.
Make sure you’re following Paige on Instagram! I love what she’s doing and her content appeals to so many women out there! She’s just awesome and I appreciated her time! I know she’s so busy!
And if you’re interested in more fitness content, head over here to see my content about trying to lose the baby weight after Victoria! She kept me on my toes and I feel like I’m still trying to lose it all!

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    What I found trickiest was exercise post-partum, since i had 4 c-sections. It’s important not to dive in too quickly into exercise or your incision could reopen, which happened to me after my 2nd cesarean.

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