Vintage Band Tees: How to Style

I’ve always been a fan of vintage band tees. Always. I grew up in a musical family (not me, but my uncles and cousins), so for me – music has just always been part of life. I started getting into vintage band tees in high school. I remember heading to a thrift shop with some of my friends and we scooped up a bunch of super soft, really cool band tees. I wore them all the time, thinking I was just about the coolest high schooler in the world. It’s funny I don’t know what I did with all of those tees from all those years ago! I wish I had saved them! I also used to look for vintage Levi’s, too!

Vintage Band Tees: How to Style

Vintage Bands Tees

As much as time has passed, vintage band tees are still a big trend! I don’t think they’ve actually ever stopped trending, which makes me wonder why I stopped wearing them for a few years! I have to check with my mom, they still might be at my mom’s house. Who knows! I need to look! But I’ve been seeing women on Instagram wearing some pretty cool vintage band tees and styling them in a variety of different ways! Since I’m all over this trend, I wanted to do a fashion post as to how you can rock a band tee (even as a mom!).

Let me start off by saying this, I’m seeing some of my fave and fashionable (and super chic!) fashion instagrammers trying to push $68 and above (!!) priced tees on Instagram. Are you kidding me? For a tee? Is it made of gold? Are there diamonds in it? Please don’t fall for this, PLEASE DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. Invest in something more fun than a tee with that money! I’ve found the cutest and chicest and most fabulous vintage band tees at Target (yes, Target!) and even thrifting still, too! They are out there! Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that you can’t find a fabulous vintage looking tee somewhere else. I almost died when I swiped up to a tee on Instagram and saw it was $88 for a “vintage band tee.” Sorry… needed to vent for a second here!

I found this Rolling Stones Tee at Target for $12.99. I personally love it. It’s super soft. It’s chic. I bought it in a size large because I like it to be a little on the flowy side for me. They fit on the tighter side, so keep that in mind! I thought it was the perfect tee to wear in a variety of different ways. Since it is such a big trend right now, I thought I would have some fashion fun with it! I knew it would be cool to be able to showcase a couple different looks in it, so I thought a video would be the best way to really show what I mean and the vibe I’m going for with it!

Fashion Side Note:
What I’m Wearing in this Video Weekend Look – Rolling Stones Tee: Camo Blazer: Distressed Jeans: Espadrilles: Work Look – Rolling Stones Tee: Black Jeans: Boyfriend Blazer: Flats: Play Look – Rolling Stones Tee: Espadrilles: Black Skirt: Denim Jacket:

The most comfy look for me is the Weekend Look! We’re always out and about on the weekends, so I like to look my best, but I also like to be comfortable. Style IS Important to me, so I do keep up on the latest trends and styles, but I also don’t go too crazy if I know something doesn’t work for me and my body type. I’m also a jeans girl. I love me some denim! Denim is my fave style and it’s something that just never, ever goes out of style and is always trending! ALWAYS!

I grabbed my fave camo blazer (link above under video) which I’ve been wearing around the clock lately! I feel like the people in my life are totally doing eye rolls now when they see me in it! It’s become a staple, but it’s why I love items like this. Why buy it if you’re not going to wear it? It’s an item that I am getting my money (and then some!) out of for the season! My jeans are Old Navy. I’m obsessed with the Rock Star Old Navy jeans. I’m 5 feet, so I get them in the shirt/petite sizes and they work like a charm! They are honestly – my go to jeans staple!

Vintage Bands Tees

And these flats? These flats I bought on J.Crew last season and I love them! They are the Edie Loafer and you can get them in a variety of different colors, too! I’m going to get them in the black because I know I will wear them non stop! I’m just obsessed with this easy, go to style and look. It’s a great one for me because I know it’s something I can wear again and again and again!

Fashion over 40

I hope this blog post helped on how to wear your vintage band tees! You don’t just want to wear them one way! They’re in style right now! Take them out and wear them a ton! Make them dressy and casual! They are the staple trend, so you can really have some fashion fun with them and I love it!

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Also check out my latest fashion blog post about Woman Within and see what amazing things are going on over there, too!


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  1. 5.3.19
    mami2jcn said:

    It’s a cool look! My husband likes to wear an AC/DC shirt on the weekends and he always gets compliments on it.

  2. 5.3.19
    Michelle J. said:

    The jeans do go with the shirt!

  3. 5.4.19
    Carolsue said:

    It’s always fun to have a bunch of different, cool tees!

  4. 5.4.19
    bn100 said:

    fun ideas

  5. 5.4.19
    sandra said:

    Love wearing tees

  6. 5.4.19
    Michele Pineda said:

    yay! as an 80’s girl band tees and jeans were my favorite weekend outfit. Now if I had kept them all my 17 yr old would definitely be in style now! I will have to check out Target can’t believe they sell them there.

  7. 5.5.19
    Sandra Dufoe said:

    I love band t shirts.

  8. 5.5.19
    Jenny Ham said:

    Love it.. The cool mom.

  9. 5.6.19
    Susan Christy said:

    You mean I can wear my old concert t-shirts without shame!!?!?? YAY

  10. 5.6.19

    I get my t shirts from the thrift stores. Live your look!

  11. 5.7.19
    Kate F. said:

    I love band t-shirts, especially Queen and AC/DC.

  12. 5.7.19
    Antoinette M said:

    Cool look! Love that you found the T-shirt at Target!

  13. 5.7.19
    Barrie said:

    Goodness gracios, I can’t imagine spending that much money on a tee! $12.99 or less sounds about right. I love the jacket you wear with it! Looks great.

  14. 5.7.19
    shannon zeidan said:

    I really love how you styled this. I’ve wanted to wear band tees before, but i could never come up with a look that elevated them.

  15. 5.7.19
    Kayley said:

    I think this is helpful for all graphic tees, not just band tees. 🙂

  16. 5.10.19
    Kristen Patton said:

    That jacket is cute! I have so many band tees that would look great with a jacket like that!

  17. 5.11.19
    Nerlande said:

    I love those cute band tees and love how you styled them?

  18. 5.12.19

    This is a great style.

  19. 5.12.19
    courtney b said:

    I love it!
    im always looking for guns n roses shirts

  20. 5.18.19
    Donna said:

    My daughter is very fond of wearing vintage band tees. I didn’t know Target carried them. I’ll have to check that out! Her birthday is coming up soon and she would love some new shirts!

  21. 5.19.19
    AEKZ2 said:

    I regret giving up all my Metallica t-shirts!

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