What to Wear to a Graduation

Graduation season is in full swing right now! Just in my own family this year I have 2 high school graduations (my nieces), 1 8th grade graduation (my son William), 1 5th grade graduation (my son Henry) and 1 kindergarten graduation (my Victoria)! That’s right! Graduation season is in full swing! I’m all about sharing What to Wear to a Graduation because it’s such a trending topic right now. I feel like everyone is asking what to wear and wondering what is the best and most appropriate attire for the big and special day for the one in your life. Everyone wants to look special for graduation and I can’t wait to share some of my favorite styles for the BIG day!

What to Wear to a Graduation

what to wear to a graduation

When it comes to what to wear to a graduation, you want to make sure what you’re wearing works for the day. Graduation Day is ALL about the graduate, so you don’t want to wear something that is going to overshadow or over shine the graduate. You want to wear something that is classic, tasteful and timeless. You want to look your best because it is truly a big and special day for the one you love. It’s a day that will always mean something and will be remembered for years and years to come. It’s also a day that will be full of photos, so again – looking and feeling your best for the one you love is important.

One style that will always be appropriate for a graduation is a maxi dress. If you’re wondering and wondering what to wear to a graduation, wear a MAXI DRESS! This is what I love about the perfect maxi dress, it’s elegant, it’s pretty and it’s appropriate.

What to wear to a Graduation

You can’t go wrong with the right maxi dress and the best part is that every store (right around this time of year) is selling them left and right. Find one that works for your height. Find one that works for your body. Find one that is a color that really suits you perfectly. I’m all about finding maxi dresses in greens and blues and pinks because these colors make me happy!

What to wear to a Graduation

I’m all about making sure that when I’m heading to a graduation that there isn’t a lot of (dare I say it) leg and boob showing! You don’t want to look inappropriate at all. You want to make sure what you’re wearing is suitable for the occasion. You want to make sure you feel your best without going overboard and maxi dresses are the easiest way to go on the dress front! I’m sharing some options below that work and you also don’t have to break the bank when looking for the perfect maxi dress!

Another style that I think is gorgeous to go with is a fabulous jumpsuit and pantsuit. In the spring it’s the most adorable way to wear a power suit and I think it’s a great option when you’re trying to decide what to wear to a graduation.

Pink Jumpsuit for the Spring

You want to make sure you find one that fits you like a glove and when you do – hold on for dear life! I’m all about making sure I have a couple on hand in my closet because they are perfect go to items for any special occasion, but for graduation in particular? YES! YES! YES!

I’m all about giving the fashion advice on making sure you find a color and or a print that you could wear over and over and over again! I’ve worn this pink jumpsuit a handful of times to different occasions and it’s been my staple for a perfect spring and summer go to look! Here are some options for you below, too!

If you’re not sure what you exactly want to wear, let me suggest a print for a graduation. Let everything pop up in florals! I’m all about florals for special occasions, too.

Floral Trend for the Spring

When it comes to what to wear to a graduation, don’t be afraid to think about florals for it. There are so many gorgeous options out there when it comes to looks and styles. If you find a blouse that works, go for it! If you find a dress that works, go for it! If you find a skirt that works, go for it! Don’t be afraid to use this trend for the graduation! I think it’s such a pretty print and it just works. You will look timeless and classic and beautiful! I’m all about bringing in a new floral item each season because I do think it’s a trend that just never ever goes out of style! Here are some additional styles on sale, now!

I hope this post helps you and gives you some direction for when you’re looking and trying to decide what to wear to a graduation. I wanted to show you that you can easily wear any one of these trends to the graduation. I’m all about making sure that you find something really beautiful that suits you. Remember that you want to make sure that you look and feel your best. You also want to make sure that you can wear an item over and over again.
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