Cape Cod Beaches: Best Family Beaches

Visiting Cape Cod Beaches is something everyone should do in their lifetime. They are the most beautiful beaches in the world, nestled right in the middle of New England. Everything you think and dream about Cape Cod is true. It’s one of the most gorgeous and most serene places to visit. The beaches are just beaches that you won’t want to leave, that I promise you!

Cape Cod Beaches

Cape Cod Beaches

I’m all about visiting Cape Cod Beaches every summer with my kids. We love driving the hour and 1/2 to explore! It’s something we’ve done every single year since they were babies and it’s something that I personally look forward to every year. I love seeing them run and play and hang out together on the sand and in the water.

This year we had planned to head to Hyannis, MA to visit some of the Cape Cod Beaches, but the traffic to get “out” there was horrible! We were sitting in STILL traffic for over an hour and I knew my husband was about to burst! Sitting in traffic in 90 degree weather isn’t fun, it isn’t fun at all. As a matter of fact, it’s the worst!

Usually we visit Veterans Park Beach which is a very tranquil beach with showers & a snack bar, backed by a park with JFK & Korean War veteran memorials. My kids love it there because there’s also crabbing there, too. I love it because the water isn’t too deep and it’s a wonderful spot to not have to worry about big waves coming in. When the kids were small, this was a REALLY big deal for me. If you’re interested it’s at: 480 Ocean St, Hyannis, MA 02601.

This year we planned to go there, but traffic dictated otherwise. We saw signs for Onset Beach in Onset, MA and decided to pull off there. We couldn’t go on with the traffic! Onset Beach was absolutely gorgeous and we fell in love with it! It’s a popular sandy beach offering lifeguards, concessions & restrooms, plus summertime events. We couldn’t get over how beautiful it was for families!

Cape Cod Beaches

The kids played ALL day long in the water! I mean PLAYED HARD all day long in the water! I loved seeing them splash and play and pop on paddle boards and just be kids! I was loving it so much and I made me happy to see them having a great time. You can’t put a price on that kind of family bonding and togetherness.

My husband caught some footage of the kids out and about all day! It’s the best video in the world for me because it’s something that I just get happy watching! I was laughing the entire way through it and just think it’s a great capture of who we are as a family!

Another great perk about Onset Beach is that you don’t have to pay for entry. We couldn’t believe it! And there was on street parking available which is great. I’m so used to heading to a beach and paying, so this really made me happy to see.

Not to mention this was the softest sand ever in the world. I love soft sand and this just really was awesome. Not all Cape Cod Beaches have soft sand, if this is an important thing for you – this one has it!

If you’re heading to any Cape Cod Beaches this summer, here are 3 of them I would additionally check out! We have been to all of these and just love them to pieces.

1. Old Silver Beach in Falmouth – We love this beach because it’s easy for us to get to and it’s also perfect for young families! A big highlight of this beach is that there’s a concession stand, so you don’t have to worry about not having enough drinks and/or food. There’s lifeguards and bathrooms on-site, too. The beach is perfect for kids because the water is calm and there’s also not always a ton of people there. Every time we’ve been it’s almost been like a private beach for us.

2. Mayo Beach in Wellfleet – My sons used to love this one when they were kids because they loved the playground across the street! It’s funny what kids remember. The beach – as are the ones above – is perfect for little ones because the water is calm. We’ve never been disappointed here. Lifeguards on duty and bathrooms on-site, too. It’s a great Cape Cod beach because you are able to even walk to some places to eat right from the beach!

3. Nauset Beach in Orleans – A new fave spot for my family! We went 2 years ago and my sons loved it! This beach is much bigger than the others I mentioned above, it’s 10 miles long. There’s always stuff going on and it’s beautiful to walk and collect shells. We love to go early and set up. Lifeguards on duty and bathrooms on-site. Definitely a must check out while you’re at the Cape visiting with your family.

Onset Beach Onset, MA

Let me know below about some Cape Cod Beaches that I’m missing on my list. I will make sure to add to my family list, too. I have a goal to make sure we hit all of the local beaches there and it’s a fun thing to try and do as a family together. It’s cool to see the kids get so excited about a new beach and exploring all the different parts about it!

Things To Do in Cape Cod

Best Things To Do in Cape Cod

Don’t just think the “Cape” is good in the summer, going in the winter is one of my fave times to go, too! The tourists are gone and it’s such a good time to explore and really see the beauty of the Cape! It’s just beautiful and truly my happy place on earth.

Make sure you check out our personal YouTube channel, too! We love to get new subscribers! We document all of our trips right over there and have so much fun sharing what we do as a family. Head on over and check it out!



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