Chore List for Kids – 51 Ideas

Chores seem to be the enemy in the summer in my family. The truth, though? I need tons of help with chores from my kids during the summertime. I finally sat down and created a master chore list for kids. I wanted to see everything that they could be doing and then start moving this list into a regular rotation for me.

Chore List for Kids – 51 Ideas

Chore list for kids

When it comes to my kids, I usually hear the excuse, “It’s not my day to do that.” Yup, chore charts never really helped in our house. The boys always had a reason why something couldn’t possibly get done that day and it just started to drive me crazy. It became easier to do it myself than listen to an excuse.

Pathetic of me? Yes. Are times now a’ changing? Triple YES! I noticed that without help over the first few weeks of the summer from the kids, I was starting to stress like crazy. I was waking up super early to get work done for my job, but then going going going and working working working all day long to keep up with everything else. I wasn’t stopping till 10 or 11 at night. That’s not right, not with tweens and teens at home.

I literally just had enough and sat down last night and started a master list of every single chore I could think of for kids. My daughter is 6 years old, so there’s definitely things she can do on this list, just not all of them. When I was creating it, I was solely thinking of my kids that are 11, 12, 13 and 14 years old. I wanted to literally have in hand a chore list for kids that was in black and white, on a piece of paper for them to see and read.

If you’re like me and wondering what chores could kids do easily around the house, here are 51 ideas. I wasn’t sure how many I would be able to come up with, so I started researching online, too. I know my kids can’t do everything. For example, one mother shared that her kids change lightbulbs. I could easily have one of them do it, but I actually would want to be home and present when that happened. All I think about it glass crushing.

This chore list for kids is a gauge. Since I have 5 kids, I can and could easily divvy this out and figure about 10 chores each a week. I don’t think it’s crazy to assume that because some of the chores are things that they genuinely should be doing anyway at home with me and for me. For example, set the table for dinner and clear the table. When I was a kid I would do that with my siblings without being told.

I’m also a big believer in mixing up chores. I don’t want my son William or any of them to be “stuck” with the same chores each week. I will be mixing this chore chart up quite a bit and making sure everyone gets a “chance” to do something else on the list. I just really wanted to make sure I had a list to work off of. Usually I just either think off the top of my head or write them down on a board.

It’s as if they never see the board, so if I have this list that will be front and center on the bulletin board in our kitchen and the kids know that this is the expectation, it will be done. I’m telling you. I needed to make this more than you could possibly know and I really hope this master list of chore ideas for kids helps you and sparks some inspiration for your family!

OK, here’s my chore list for kids:

Make their beds
Clean their rooms
Do laundry
Fold laundry
Put laundry away
Unload dishwasher
Clean the kitchen counters
Clean bathroom
Reload toilet paper in bathrooms
Wash car
Organize/clean car
Take trash out
Cook easy meals
Mow the lawn
Wipe down oven/fridge/microwave
Pick up toy room
Set the table
Babysit younger siblings
Wash dishes
Dry dishes
Sweep floors
Clean off table after meals
Help younger siblings with homework
Bring dirty laundry to washer
Wash floors
Make their own lunch
Get clothing ready for school
Empty trash baskets in the house
Put groceries away where they belong
Take recycles out
Bring the trash to front of house for trash day
Help feed pets
Clean up messes/spills
Checking the mail
Water plants/garden
Raking leaves
Walking the family dog
Clean the tub
Organize bookshelves
Organize shoe closet/space
Wipe down door handles
Sort socks
Clean windows
Strip bed linens
Get themselves completely ready in the morning
Clean the garage
Pick pillows up off floor
Bring garage cans from curb to designated space
Clean the steps

I feel like I got everything, but please let me know if I missed anything. I’m all about adding them onto the bottom and seeing what else I could bring in on the chore front. The other thing I want to teach them is that – take the car for example – if the car is cleaned and organized, it doesn’t have to be cleaned every single day. If the kids get into the cleaning routine, they will see that the kitchen will start to be clean all the time because people are taking care of it TOGETHER. It’s too much for one person in a family of 7 who works full time to manage it all on her own.

I’m hoping this helps someone out and that it inspires you and your family! I know it takes a village and I love that I have the opportunity to share this with someone else and hopefully gain some additional insight as well!

Here are some other pieces of content I’ve created to help keep the clean going. I love a good list and/or checklist for my family! Again – share what I’m missing!

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  1. 7.21.19
    mami2jcn said:

    My kids do a lot of these already, although I’ve never been able to get any of them to clean the bathroom! They’re too grossed out by the idea.

  2. 7.21.19
    bn100 said:

    lots of ideas

  3. 7.22.19
    Nancy Collins said:

    My kids always had chores when they were growing up. I think it helps to learn responsibility.

  4. 7.22.19
    Betsy said:

    Great list

  5. 7.28.19
    donna porter said:

    I think it is is a great idea for kids to have daily chores. My sister and I did as a child and it worked out well.

  6. 7.28.19
    Pamela Sloss said:

    Great list!!

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