Permission to Hustle Retreat at Disney World {Follow Along!}

Have you ever had a dream and just gone after it full speed without hesitation and without thinking? That was us 10 years ago. We met at Disney World during the Social Media Moms Conference. We happened to be sitting right next to each other during one of the sessions and within 45 minutes we had a business idea and a plan to make it happen. Our husbands thought we were crazy, “You hardly know this girl!” But we had faith in each other and in the universe! It was (as we’ve always said) Disney magic.

Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney

Fast forward to today. August 29th, 2019. Today we have 20 incredible women joining us for 2 1/2 days for our Permission to Hustle Retreat with Disney World. This wasn’t the idea we came up with all this years ago. That was called Getting Gorgeous Events. We had this “little” idea to host events throughout the country bringing together bloggers and brands because we felt that it was missing in our space – the chance to truly have one on one connections with brands that were looking to forge relationships with bloggers. At that time – believe it or not – nobody was really doing this, not even brands. We LOVED creating these events and hosted them for years with up to sometimes 600 women at them. We decided a few years ago to pivot from this idea because we wanted something to do something a little different. We wanted to create something geared more towards women who craved and needed and wanted to build and grow their own businesses. We’ve always called the women who are “slaying it” every single day… hustlers. These women just hustle. They hustle at home. They hustle in corporate America. They hustle at their own passions and dreams. And so… Permission to Hustle was born. A community to inspire and motivate women to keep hustling.

Our Permission to Hustle Retreats were born from this group on Facebook. We wanted to bring it offline. Be with women. Talk to women. Share with women. Permission to Hustle has been a chapter in our life story that we didn’t know was coming, but couldn’t live without. Funny how that happens in life. Here’s to tomorrow kicking off our 2nd retreat at the place where it all began for us so many years ago. There’s magic in your dreams. Just put them out there. Dream it. Hustle hard. It will happen.

Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney

Follow along throughout the next 3 days:

We will be using the hashtags: #PTHDisney and #WDWFall

Make sure you’re following us on Twitter and Instagram: @AudreyMcClellan @VeraSweeney

And to my Vera Sweeney, my best friend… thank you for being by my side, nobody else I’d rather be with ❤️

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