What to Wear with Gray Jeans

I’m all about my jeans. If you know me, you know jeans are my thing. I love them – like I LOVE them. Gray jeans are my thing right now and I’m encouraging everyone to get a pair. I’m showing you today what to wear with gray jeans. I know they’re different than blue jeans, but they are just as versatile and just as fabulous – I promise!

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

I’m a fashion proponent of adding some denim into your closet that’s just different! I think it’s important and also fun to have some jeans that are a little off the beaten path when it comes to classic and regular denim. I bought my first pair of gray jeans a couple of years ago and I’ve continued every fall season to add a new pair on in. The challenge for some is what to wear with gray jeans, which is why I’m here today.

What to Wear with Gray Jeans

Let’s talk where to find gray jeans first! Before we get into what to wear with gray jeans, you need to get them first! There are many places you can get them. The ones I have on I found at Old Navy last year. They’re the Rockstar style and I’m 5 feet, so I love that they have them in the short – regular and long options.

My honest fashion opinion is anything goes! I’m not kidding, anything goes with gray jeans, just like it would for blue jeans. I know that’s not always easy to hear, so I thought it would be good to give you some ideas that you could easily pair up with them. I feel like the easiest way to go is think basic colors – black, white, navy and even gray. I love gray on gray, I think it’s very elegant and trendy.

I opted to go with a silk black tank top from LOFT with my gray jeans. I feel like black and white tops with just about anything always goes. It’s a safe and easy fashion bet. It’s also an easy outfit style to dress up with accessories and shoes. I’m a lover of shoes with a little flair, so this is a fun way to go a little trendy-fun with shoes! Go basic on the style and fun with the accessories!

What to wear with gray jeans

I’m attaching some LOFT options for you right now, all of which are reasonably priced and not overboard! I love LOFT because they really know how to dress a woman. You appreciate how you feel in their clothing because it’s stylish, comfy and (when needed) sexy, too. They also have tons of sales going on all the time, so make sure you always check and see what’s brewing, too!

I wore this style to my local news co-hosting fill in right now with a white blazer.  I actually was able to dress up gray jeans pretty easily and wear a look right on air, live! When you’re asking yourself what to wear with gray jeans, just think about what you love the best in your closet that you can build upon. Since I love wearing basic tanks, I knew this would be perfect! I also love wearing my hair up with tanks so you can really see the cut of the top.
what to wear with gray jeans
My shoes are my new obsession. I love anything gingham or plaid. It’s my go to pattern and I just think it works beautifully and chic with whatever you’ve got going on. I also love an espadrille, I feel like it’s the kind of shoe you can wear year round, not just the summertime. If you’re like me and love a shoe like this, I’m sharing this option, this is the exact one I have on!

My advice with gray jeans is to think nudes, subtle prints and even grays for shoes if you’re not into prints. All of these shades will work perfectly. I’d stay away from a black shoe, I feel like it’s too much. Keep it simple with your footwear. As you can tell, I love to fold the cuffs. I’m also 5 feet and need all the vertical help I can get, so I’m always in heels!
Work Wear: Easy Transitional Style for Work
Work Wear: Easy Transitional Style for Work
Honestly this is just an easy look to toss on and go! I feel like we all need these kinds of outfits in our head when it comes to quick style. Planing outfits ahead is great to do, but when you can just grab and toss on – it’s even better. This is just causally chic and trendy all in the right ways.
I definitely think grabbing some gray jeans is the way to go! It’s such an easy way to mix it up. I’m 41 years old and I’m pushing more and more away from the ripped jeans. I love a good rip in the knee, but I’m not loving the look on me with tons of rips. I’m saving those for the 20-somethings. I like effortless fashion that doesn’t cost a ton. Fashion should be fun, not break you.
How to Style Gray Jeans
I’m all about sharing more and more fashion and beauty content over on my YouTube Channel, so love for you to head over there and join me! Love being able to share what I can on the fashion front because it makes it fun for me!
I’ve also started this major series called WHAT TO WEAR and I love honing in on specific topics and sharing them away with YOU! I hope this helps when you’re looking for some style ideas.

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