Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series – Home from Permission to Hustle

I’m HOME! What a crazy, amazing, whirlwind of a week! Permission to Hustle Retreat is a WRAP and I can’t believe it! All the planning. All the lead up to it. All the excitement and butterflies. All the behind the scenes and then it’s OVER. Just like that, it’s crazy how quickly it came – went and gone! VERY bittersweet.

Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series

I have so much to say about our Permission to Hustle with Disney World from the last 3 days, but my mind is still processing everything. I’m not kidding, we’ve been planning this for over a year. So to have it here and be done is almost pinch-me worthy. I can’t believe it. These Retreats have been a goal of ours to do for so long and to have had Disney World partner with us for this one was truly a magical experience.

These “Audrey Confidential: Sunday Series” are all about recapping the last week. Each week now seems to be filled from beginning to end with lots of important “stuff,” so I’m excited to just kind of share it all here in one place!

The week kicked off with a little back-to-school shopping at Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, MA. I’ve been dying to take the boys there and grab some items for them and Monday was the perfect day. It’s funny now back to school shopping with the boys. They know exactly what they want and what they don’t want. They have a style and they want to stick it it, they don’t want to deviate or have me pick things out for them. I had a little fun (OK, a ton) shopping with them, too. I grabbed some items that I’ve been eyeing for awhile now, too!

Leopard Blouse at J.Crew Factory

When it comes to back to school shopping it’s all about making sure your kids have items that they love and that they will feel comfortable in. I love keeping up on the latest trends and styles, so for me it’s a true win win to get some shopping in!

Tuesday was a CRAZY day for me because I needed to do last minute prepping for Permission to Hustle. It got crazy because on top of all of that I had orientation for William (for high school), Henry (for middle school) and Victoria (for 1st grade). Everyone had their “thing” on Tuesday and I needed to make sure everyone was there and present for it.

You can’t make this stuff up… on my way to William’s high school orientation I got a flat tire! I literally panicked in that moment and knew that I needed to do something and something QUICK in order to make sure he got there. I called a friend and she was able to help me out, but nothing like keeping me on my toes!

Henry’s orientation was really cute. Our town built a brand new middle school, so it was the first time touring it and seeing it up close and personal. It was absolutely gorgeous and big and state of the art! I’m thrilled that he will be attending the school along with Alex and Ben! They’re going to have the best time there and really benefit so much from the new school.

Victoria’s orientation was adorable. She met her 1st grade teacher and got to see who was in her class. She was more concerned and excited over the fact that she has fish in her class. She was glued to the fish tank like a bee to honey. I was all about introducing myself to people I didn’t know and she was all about just chilling. Praying that this year is a fun one for her! I was excited to see that she had a lot of good little friends in her class.

I then raced home and packed the 5 kids for my parents house for 4 nights. Packing 5 kids should be a sport in the Olympics. As much as I know I could just toss in a few things in a bag and they’d be fine, I like to keep it organized and set for my mom and dad. Once the kids were off safe and sound with them, I knew it was time to really get myself ready.

And then Permission to Hustle.

I’m going to write a gigantic post about Permission to Hustle. I can’t do it justice tonight. I just can’t. I’m exhausted and tired and just about ready to collapse. But it was everything and EVERYTHING I wished and hoped and dreamt it could be. You never know what you’re going to get when you bring 22 women into a room together.

Will everyone get along?

Will everyone be open and honest?

Will people have fun?

Will people feel like they got something out of it?

Will everyone share and learn?

So many questions raced through my head. I can say without a doubt of hesitation that it was truly a magical experience for me. I saw 22 women bond in just hours. I saw 22 women expose pieces of themselves and share pieces of their business.

It was a dream come true for me. And for Vera.

A long post is coming… I promise.

But for now on this Sunday night, I’m grabbing a glass of wine and popping my feet up!

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