Inspirational Quotes for Women to Wear – Best Graphic Tees

I’ve always been one to love inspirational quotes for women. I have a vision board hanging in my office and a good portion of it is just filled with quotes and little sayings. I love anything that inspires me to be a better human being. I feel like we all have so much going on in our lives, so it’s great to be able to slow down for a second and read something inspirational and something that will bring some motivation and joy into our lives.

Inspirational Quotes for Women to Wear

Inspirational Quotes for Women to Wear

I personally love inspirational quotes that I can wear. I’m all about popping on a cute graphic tee that says something positive and encouraging. I love that it’s something that I’m wearing that can change the mood of someone else that sees it on me, too. There’s something really cool about being able to inspire someone just from a tee shirt that you’re wearing.

I have one tee that I wear all the time that is one of my fave inspirational quotes for women. It reads, “Raise Good Humans.” It’s a shirt that I got over on Mom Culture and whenever I wear it, I’m stopped and asked where I got it. It’s just the perfect kind of tee that inspires and makes you smile when you see it. I actually have it now in 2 colors – white and gray.

Raise Good Humans Tee Shirt from Mom Culture

The big question I get from women is where can you find cute graphic tees with inspirational quotes? Where do you look? Where do you buy them? Are they actually out there? I’ve found that you can find them almost anywhere right now. It seems to be such a big trend for women. My advice? Make sure it’s a graphic tee that speaks to you. Don’t just buy to buy one. The second I saw “Raise Good Humans,” as a mom of 5 – I knew I needed it!

Since Nordstrom is a shopping destination that I love, especially online because you can find just about ANYTHING, I thought it would be easiest to start there. I know you’re going to get excellent quality. I know you’re going to get great brands. And I know you’re going to get a shirt that you will be able to wear over and over and over again.

I rounded up some of my favorite graphic tees for you to check out! All of these are available at Nordstrom and I’m linking everything right below the image. I loved all of these because they’re inspirational and motivational for women. I love that you can wear these as is with a pair of jeans OR toss it under a blazer with trouser pants/pencil skirt with some heels! I love that you’re good to go and can dress one up or down.

Inspirational Quotes for Women

#1 Work Hard and Be Nice – $34 // #2 It’s Cool To Be Kind – $26// #3 Free to Be Me$24 // #4 Stay Positive – $46 // #5 Be A Nice Human $34 // #6 Be Brave and Kind $34 // #7 HAPPY – $34 // #8 Living My Best Life – $35 // #9 You Are Beautiful $45

As you can tell my picks are full of FEMALE EMPOWERMENT and FEMALE INSPIRATION! I love good funny graphic tees for women, so I will share some picks in another post, too. I just wanted this one to be all about INSPIRATION! I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m wearing a graphic tee that is inspiring it inspires me, too! I just love the feeling it gives me.

I’m also going to be sharing some upcoming seasonal tees, too! There are always some great Thanksgiving-themed Blessed Tees that are out and Holiday Cheer tees, too! I think it’s just fun to wear a themed graphic tee, too because it’s a fun way to celebrate the season or holiday ahead! I personally love one of my BLESSED tee and wear it year round!




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