How to Wear a Kimono – 4 Ways to Style

Summer style is here and I’m excited about it. One item I’ve brought into my summer wardrobe is a summer kimono. I thought it would be nice to share how to wear a kimono out and about and style it 4 different ways. I just bought (3) of them for the summer and I’m in love with all of them.

How to Wear a Kimono

When it comes to figuring out how to wear a kimono, I like to keep it simple. I love to keep it chic and easy and fashionable. One thing I love to do is layer and I’ve felt that this has been the easiest way of all to wear one. The best part about a summer kimono is that anyone can wear one and make it work.

The (3) summer kimonos I bought were all around $20 and I’m obsessed with them. I was hunting for some tie dye ones that were well priced. I found one on Free People (that I love) that is $68, but I didn’t want to spend that much money on (1) of them.

These were the (3) summer kimonos that I bought from Amazon and just truly fell in love with!

How to wear a kimono

This Beach Blouses Kimono Cardigan is $20.99.

  • Sexy kimono with wide cut sleeves and open front
  • The long oversize fit looks more stylish and very flowy
  • Suitable for: Party, Daily Wear, Swimming pool, Beach
  • Sheer light some chiffon fabric, it’s a little bit transparent


How to wear a kimono

This Chiffon Kimono Loose Cardigan Lightweight is $23.99. I’m obsessed with this tie dye option. This cool and breezy maxi kimono is made from a lightweight fabric and features a trendy tie-dye striped pattern.

How to wear a kimono

This one is a Casual Loose Kimono Cardigan Tie Dye for $23.99. The high-quality soft rayon fabric used to make this open front kimono is proven to be soft and lightweight. No heavy fabric used. Made in Bali the kimono cover up offers you unbelievable comfort and breathable fabric. The versatility is a plus!

I know when it comes to wearing summer kimonos, many of us think about wearing it as a beach cover up, which is great and perfect, too! I love sharing this as the easiest way when someone asks how to wear a kimono. You can really wear it every single day and make it work for your style and your beach attire.

But what about wearing it other ways?

I want to share with you (3) ways on how to wear a kimono. These are easy and chic ways to rock one. I feel like when it comes to wearing a summer kimono it’s one of those items that just wears well. It’s a fabulous layering item and it’s one that I feel you will wear a variety of ways.

#1 – Denim shorts with tees – I love the relaxed boho feel to this look. I feel like this works well for anyone because it’s just an easy way to wear. I love that it’s easy to toss on and make a basic tee and shorts look amazing. I also know that anyone can pull this off. I feel like the more basic layers underneath, the more chic it appears.

How to wear a kimono

#2 How to Wear a Kimono to Work – Is it possible? Yes. What I ended up doing was taking a basic white tee (same one I had on above) and my fave black pencil skirt and styling them with it. I love that it’s a chic and professional look. As you know I love stretching an item as far as I can go with it. I feel like if you’re looking to dress it up, you can.

Summer Fashion for Women

#3 One of the easiest ways to wear one is over a dress. I’m telling you – I wasn’t sure I was going to like this look, but I love it. When thinking about how to wear a kimono – think dressy. I grabbed some of my favorite summer dresses and paired right over. The key is to make sure the dress you have is a solid color. I feel like if you have a kimono with a print, you need a solid dress.

BUT! If you have a dress with a print and a solid kimono, you’ll be golden, too. I just love how elegant and professional you can make a dress appear with a kimono, too.

Summer Fashion for Women

I hope the next time you’re thinking about how to wear a kimono, you think of this post and grab some of these ideas. I love how easy they are to style!

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    Oversized kimonos look really comfortable. My favorite is the first one.

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