3 SUPER Easy Mom Hairstyles

I know most moms don’t have time to do something complicated with their hair. I know when my kids were little I barely had time for anything other than a ponytail and a messy bun. I just needed to toss it up and GO!

I didn’t have time to stand in front of the mirror and work on my hair for over 5 minutes (OK, 2 minutes!). I wanted to share 3 super easy mom hairstyles that any mom can do in less than 2 minutes!

3 SUPER Easy Mom Hairstyles


I’m not kidding I remember when my 4 sons were toddlers (they were all 4 and under!) I hardly had time to blow dry my hair. Actually – no joke – showering was a big to me. I never even thought of doing my hair, I just knew I didn’t have the time to do it. BUT! I will say this, when I did… it felt really good. I felt feminine and pretty and like the “old me” again!

Even though my kids are older now (those 4 boys are now teens and my daughter is 6 years old), I love to tell moms out there in the “trenches” that it’s important to do things for yourself. It’s important to do you hair and feel pretty. Even if you need to do our hair with a toddler attached to your leg, these hairstyles will work for you!


I have more than just these 3 super easy mom hairstyles, but I wanted to start here today. What started for me as sharing just for fun, has really become a passion for me. My daughter and I started a TikTok together called Audrey McClelland (love a follow!) and we share a hairstyle every single day on TikTok either for her or for me!

I feel like as moms we’re all in this together. We’re all craving easy and simple tasks. We have so much “other” stuff on our plates that doing hair should be the funnest of all, not anything we dread. Taking the time to put my hair up to feel pretty is the best few minutes I can give myself. It’s something that I really have loved and will keep continuing to do!

simple easy mom hairstyles

I want to share with you 3 super easy mom hairstyles that anyone can do. I even tried to isolate hairstyles that you could do with short hair or even long hair. I like to make sure that I share hairstyles that are pretty equal across the board. Nothing is more annoying than seeing hairstyles ONLY for women with short hair or medium hair or long hair.

I know you can do a lot of different hairstyles with long hair, but I promise – I am thinking about the ladies with different lengths, too! These styles I’ve came up with on my own, so I hope you like them!

3 Super Easy Mom Hairstyles

#1 – Braid the Bangs Back

This is as simple as the name sounds! Literally take 2 sections of your bangs and braid them back. Simple take 2 bobby pins and secure them into place. It’s a really cute and easy look. With the braids on top it looks chic and you can even expand them a bit to create a bigger boho braid. Here’s the thing – you can also keep your hair down, too – you don’t have to put it UP!

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#2 – Twist and GO

I love this one because it’s so simple, but also looks SO GOOD! Take a section of your bangs and just twist them. All you need to do is divide the hair into 2 sections and twist it up. You can do with this longer bangs or your longer hair. I pin them back with a bobby pin. Like the last style, too – you can either keep the hair UP or DOWN with this one.

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#3 – Boho Twists

I’m always looking for super simple. I mean, this is SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE! I also love this look because it’s very boho and I love a good boho style! You just take sections of your hair and twist them and then pin them back! I love this one because you can create as many twists as you want and they do stay put! I love this one!!

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I hope these 3 simple easy mom hairstyles help you out! I’m telling you – as you can tell from some of them – I just felt happy once my hair was done. Even my husband is like, “Oh! Look at you!” The styles are effortless, so they work so easily and they can be done so quickly!

6 easy hairstyles for moms

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Lazy Easy Hairstyles FOR GIRLS

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I also have these 6 Cute Hairstyles for Moms, too. These are fun and easy hairstyles that moms can do on their own hair. Here are also 12 Bun Hairstyles for Work to do, too.

Make sure you share with me if there’s something you love and I missed it on the blog! See my last post on How to Protect your Hair at the Beach! I’m all about sharing everything I can when it comes to fashion and beauty! Hope these posts help you out!


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    Hi I like the different styles you chose, they seem easy I will have to try them out.

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    I haven’t braided my hair since I was little….would be interesting to try that now.

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    bn100 said:

    cute styles

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    Rosie said:

    My idea of creativity is how how or low will my ponytail be, and will the holder stay on. These are some good ideas, you’re making me realize I need to change it up just a tad even!

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    I love the hairstyles. Perfect for the summer days at the beach.

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