6 Things To Always Do Before Bed

There’s one thing I’ve discovered in my 42 years here on earth – the more organized I am heading to bed, the better I feel in the morning. It’s a simple fact, but it’s a true fact. When I wake up to a clean and organized home, my day just kicks off on a better foot.

6 Things To Always Do Before Bed

6 Things To Do in your Kitchen Before Bed

I know the amount of “mess” or disorganization is different for everyone, but the foundation is the same. Clean it up. Organize the mess. Get rid of the clutter. You will feel better. It’s really that kind of simple for anyone.

As a mom of 5 kids (4 of them being teenage boys with lots of stuff!), I feel like my house is in a constant rotation of craziness. Whether there’s a football or helmet on my counter. Whether there’s stack of books or homework on my counter. Whether there’s cleats in the hallway or water  bottles (basically everywhere). I know that every night I’m greeted with some sort of teenage-mess-chaos.

Then there’s my 6 year old daughter. There’s stuff everywhere. There’s toys and ribbons and bows. There’s clothing and shoes and headbands. There’s notebooks and crayons and markers. She’s just like I was as a child, a little girl tornado. I have to say, I do love having little girl stuff around the house.

Then there’s my husband. Oh, mama mia! I always laugh when I think about my husband because he loves to say that he doesn’t have anything out of place, but the reality is – he’s one of the worst culprits! He has stuff everywhere and it’s tough to be manage it all. Paperwork, laptop and (it kills me) never puts food away after he takes it out.


I know I’m bad, too. I’m not innocent in any of this. I try to stay as organized as possible, but it’s tough. I’m someone who loves to keep things tidy and orderly. I love knowing that everything has a place, it’s a good feeling. I know I need to be better, but I do try my hardest. 🙂

How to keep your house organized

So the question is… how does ORGANIZATION happen? What can YOU do at night, even if you just have 1 person in your family to keep everything organized and tidy? It all starts in the kitchen.

Your kitchen is the hub of your home – regardless of how big your home is. I have to say, this is what I love about a kitchen… it doesn’t matter how big or small your house is – the kitchen the the HUB.

Before you head up to bed every single night, you should make sure you do these 6 things in your kitchen before you head to bed:

1. Empty your Dishwasher – One of the most important things for me to do is make sure the dishwasher is empty before heading up. If there’s clean dishes inside, it’s important to make sure they are put away. This is important because once it’s empty, you can (move on the #2).

6 Things To Do in your Kitchen Before Bed

2. Load the Dishwasher – Once the dishwasher is empty you’re able to load it back on up! I love being able to load it up and then run it before you head to bed. I actually love going up to bed at night listening to the sound of the dishwasher humming. There’s something nice knowing that the dishes are being done while I’m falling asleep.

3. Clean the Counters – This is one of the toughest parts, but it feels so good once it’s done. I make sure all of the counters are clear. That’s right – homework,pens, dishes, books, food bags, etc. Everything gets out away. I hate seeing anything left out on the counters. It’s a good feeling to see a cleared space when you come down in the morning.

6 Things To Do in your Kitchen Before Bed

4. Wipe Down the Counters – After I clear the counters off, I love to wash them. I know it’s important to make sure everything is clean and polished! There’s lots of drops and drips that happen throughout the day, so I love being able to make sure everything is washed right on down.

5. Clean the Sink – My husband loves it when I do this because he can smell the Comet from upstairs! I love to take a sponge and just Comet down my kitchen sink before bed. I can’t tell you how awesome it feels to come down to a super clean kitchen, but a clean sink? Oh, my! It’s perfection!

6 Things To Do in your Kitchen Before Bed

6. Prep the Coffee Machine – There’s nothing like waking up to the fresh smell of coffee! I love to set my coffee machine up before I head up to bed. I love being able to come down to a fresh pot of coffee already brewed and ready for me to pour! This is one of my favorite things to wake up to in the morning!

If you do these 6 things in your kitchen before you head to bed at night, I promise you – you will feel AMAZING in the morning. There’s something that’s so refreshing about waking up to a clean and organized and tidy space! It helps jump start your day to be the best day possible!

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  1. 6.3.20
    shelly peterson said:

    It is best to clean up and organize at night and wake up to a clean kitchen.

  2. 6.3.20
    Kim Pincombe-Cole said:

    We do these same steps too every night in our house too. Makes the mornings so much easier.

  3. 6.3.20
    mami2jcn said:

    We clean after each meal…I can’t imagine not doing that.

  4. 6.3.20
    beleebi said:

    Great tips! I need to make a habit of these. I love waking up to a clean kitchen!

  5. 6.4.20
    kathy Persons said:

    1 2 and 6 don’t happen at our house No dishwasher and no one drinks coffee

  6. 6.4.20
    Lorinda Connor said:

    Always make sure house is all cleaned up. The kitchen ready for use in the morning to cook breakfast. Always tell your loved ones goodnight and that you love them. Tuck your babies in at night. Make sure all doors are locked, and if you have lil ones and no alarm, put locks on the doors way at the top where they can’t get out the house in the middle of the night or in the early mornings while everyone’s asleep.

  7. 6.6.20
    Lindsay A. said:

    Having a routine at night really helps with starting the day off well the next morning. These pointers are right on!

  8. 6.13.20
    Natalie said:

    These are simple tips to prevent the kitchen from becoming overwhelmingly dirty. I tend to wait until my kitchen looks like after a world war before I clean!

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