5 Things To Start Your Day

We all wake up in the morning ready to face the day ahead! To make sure you have the best day ever, I want to share 5 things to start your day. You might not do all of these (yet), but these are 5 good things to work into your day if you can. You want to start your day off the best way possible and here’s how to make sure you’re doing that!

5 Things To Start Your Day

5 Things To Start Your Day

I’m all about making sure I start my day the best way possible. I’m always so busy in the mornings that it’s important to make sure I set myself up for a great day. 5 things to start your day off right are what I’m going to share with you. I’m keen on making sure I stick with these 5 things as much as I can because I see and feel the difference in my day.

When it comes to 5 things to start your day, you want to make sure you do these 5 things consistently. You don’t want to start and stop and then start and stop again. The whole point of starting a morning routine is so that you will get into this set routine. The best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself the gift of kicking off the day with a great attitude!

5 Things To Start Your Day

I know that everyone’s morning is different. There’s not one that is the same. It depends on the age of your kids. It depends on the stage of your life. It depends on where you live. It depends on your job. There’s lots that go into a morning, but sharing 5 things to start your day will hopefully work for everyone.

Here are 5 things to start your day:

1. Set an Alarm Clock for the Morning – Getting up at a consistent time can help you get into a routine and keeping yourself geared up for a great day. It’s a wonderful way to start your day after you get used to a certain time. I usually set my alarm clock for 5:30AM. I like to get up early with the sun and it always helps me kick off the day right!

5 Things To Start Your Day

Make sure you set your alarm clock for a great day. I fully believe that out of all the 5 things to start your day that I’m going to share, this is a super important one. Make sure you get yourself on a morning routine. Get yourself a set time and stick with it.

2. Work Out – I feel like this is one of the best things you can do to kick off your day. It’s a great way to get your blood pumping and those endorphins bouncing around. Don’t mistake working out with doing something as grand as training for a marathon. You want to make sure you’re doing WHATEVER makes you feel good and moving.

Home exercise programs

I love to walk and run in the morning. I pop on my Peloton app and go to town! I personally love the runs and walks with a trainer right in my own home. Maybe you’re walking around your neighborhood. Whatever can get you moving in the morning for at least 20 minutes is GREAT!

3. Eat Breakfast – It’s important to make sure you’re fueled for the day. I know that I’m not a huge breakfast eater, but I do love like to eat an English muffin and indulge on some delicious fruit. I love to be able to get what I can in my body to make sure I’m prepped for the day ahead.

Breakfast Quesadilla

Think about some easy breakfast recipes you can make. I know that many times in the morning the reason I’m not eating a ton is because I’m busy or in a rush. I don’t have time to make eggs or an omelette. Try to come up with breakfast food ideas that you can keep on hand easily for yourself.

4. Give Yourself Time to Relax – This is easier said than done and it all depends on the schedule of your kids, but if you have the ability to relax a bit in the morning, take advantage of it. I love waking up early to workout and then sitting down for 30 minutes to watch the news.

Home Yoga Options

I love to get some work done in the morning, too as I’m watching the news. It’s just a nice and easy time to reset and be alone with the quiet. With 5 kids my days are usually busy from the second I’m up till the second I’m in bed at night. My mind is always running a mile a minute. I enjoy and crave the mornings to just be, it really gets me ready for the day ahead.

5. Enjoy a Morning Boost – What’s your morning boost? I personally love a cup of coffee, but I know it’s different for everyone. Maybe it’s tea or a smoothie or lemon water. Whatever will give you that extra morning boost is something you need to do in the morning for for the start of the day. This is one of those 5 things to start your day that everyone seems to include (usually involving caffeine).

Iced Coffee Day

Hopefully one or all of these work for you! I know that these 5 things kick off my morning every morning! It gives me the boost I need and the energy I need to put a smile on my face to start the day. These 5 things to start your day will really make a difference. You need to make sure you’re doing what you can to focus on YOU in the morning, let the rest of the day be about everyone else.

Make sure you check out my post on 10 things to do before bed because this will also help guide your morning. Having these things “done” the night before will give you a mental and emotional break in the morning. It’s what you need to make sure you’re focused and ready for anything and everything.

As a total side note, definitely check out Peloton or some home exercise program because it’s a wonderful way to get yourself moving in your own schedule!

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    My mornings use to resemble this however I got out of the habit of doing these. Maybe that is why I just can’t get going in the mornings. I am glad I saw this post so I can start doing these things again and I know that my days will be more productive.

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