How to Do a Top Knot in Less Than a Minute

If you’re looking for some cute summer hairstyles, try a Top Knot! You can do an easy Top Knot in less than a minute (I promise!). I’m all about sharing how to do a top knot with readers because I think it’s a chic, cute and quick style that you will wear again and again and again.

How to Do a Top Knot

How to Do a Top Knot

It’s one thing to talk about a top knot and to show photos, but I always think it’s easier to SHOW a hair tutorial. I feel like it makes it that much easier for people to understand. I also think it’s fun to show new styles for people because it gives you the chance to have some hair fun!


How to Do a Top Knot

I did this top knot in real time so you would see exactly how to do a top knot. I didn’t want to stop and pause or edit because I wanted to make sure you saw just how easy it truly was to create on either yourself or someone else. You do need long hair with this hairstyle, so just make sure you’re aware of that for this one!

How to Do a Top Knot (in less than a MINUTE!)

Steps for How to Do a Top Knot:

1. Place a VERY high ponytail in your hair

2. Divide your ponytail in (2) distinct sections

3. Take an elastic band and place it over the end of the ponytail (see video for exactly what I mean)

4. Take the bun section and fan it out a little, don’t be afraid to really pull to make it full

5. Take the “extra” hair and wrap it around the bun

6. Secure into place and push/pull any which way you want

How to Do a Top Knot

VIOLA! Your Top Knot is created! I hope these steps help you out because I think this is just the cutest style ever. I also love the fact that with this specific hairstyle you can dress it up and down. You can wear this top knot with jeans and a tee OR to a wedding. It’s got that kind of versatility to it.

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    Fun! That’s one of my go to hair styles!

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    Love the top knot.

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    fun hairstyle

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    Stephanie Larison said:

    So cute! I could never get this just right before, so thanks!

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    At the moment, I have shortish hair, but this is adorable..

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    Thank you for the information. The top knot looks lovely.

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