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My kids LOVE heading to summer camp in the summer. They’ve gone to swim camp, tennis camp, basketball camp, football camp and a regular daily camp for kids each year. It’s one of those things that they look forward to every summer. This year it’s all about summer camp activities at home.

Summer Camp Activities at Home

Summer Camp Activities at Home

We saw a lot of things change this summer, with many camps cancelling or going virtual for the summer. Quaker Chewy is helping families keep playing at home and inspiring summer camp activities at home. Quaker Chewy believes that nothing should stop playtime and I love that about them! Summer quickly took on a different look and quite honestly, a different meaning. It’s all about being together right now at home and enjoying time with family.

We decided to have some fun with the kids and create a camp at home with the help of Camp Chewy! I knew my 2 youngest kids would be excited about it because they’re the ones who had their regular camp canceled. They were so excited to head off to camp and enjoy various activities and games, that I wanted to make sure I brought it right to them. Anyone can create summer camp activities at home and I hope Camp Chewy inspires you to try something creative, too!

This summer, Quaker Chewy is helping parents make play more fun by launching Make sure you visit now thru 7/21/20 to enter and share what camp activity you would like to replicate or how you’ll keep your family playing this summer for a chance to win $250 of “Play Money” in the form of a gift card and Camp Chewy gear to help create their own fun at home to encourage families to play on this summer. Five hundred winners will be selected via a random drawing. Limit 1 entry person/email address. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. See Official Rules at website for more information on how to enter and prize details.

With a little planning and imagination, I came up with (5) Camp Chewy ACTIVITIES. I wanted to make sure they were fun and exciting for the whole family. I know when my kids go to summer camp they always come home excited to tell me about what they did that day! I wanted this same excitement at home.


Water Balloon Toss: My kids love water balloons, but we don’t do it often (OK, hardly ever!). I knew surprising them with water balloons would be a HUGE treat. Since I wanted to keep it fun and safe, I made sure for them just to do an easy toss back and forth. We set it up that when they made a catch, they each had to take a step backwards. It created some fun because it got harder and harder for the balloons to stay intact the further they were apart. (*You could also do this with an egg.)



HopScotch with a Twist: We all know the regular hopscotch game, right? I wanted to create this with a twist. Since it’s all about creating summer camp activities at home, I want to utilize what I have here. We have a really long walkway to our front door, so I turned that into our HOPSCOTCH track! Whomever did it the quickest got a prize (Victoria was fast!).


Arts & Crafts: Every summer camp has some arts and crafts. I was able to buy some cute and fun craft projects for the kids. I knew that if it happens to rain during our Camp Chewy, we needed some indoor activities, too! Thankfully it didn’t, but it was fun to see the kids chill and enjoy some fun arts & crafts for a bit with each other.

Bubble Time: Who can blow the biggest bubble? I remember doing this when I was a kid at camp. Whomever could do it always was the leader for the day! I had to bring this activity into Camp Chewy! I bought a HUGE bottle of bubbles and let the kids go crazy. It was so fun watching them see how big they could get the bubbles.


Bouncing Ball Time: My kids love volleyball, but we don’t have a net. We’re really good at improvising here, so I came up with volleying the ball over our front fence. The activity was that they needed to try and get a volley going (at least) 5 times over! It was super fun watching them laugh and giggle!

Activities To Do at Home in the SUmmer

Every Camp Chewy needs SNACK TIME, too! Since this is Camp Chewy, it’s only right to make sure that one of the snacks we have is Quaker Chewy Bars. I have to say, these are staple snacks in my kids lunches every single day during the school year, so in this summer – it’s only natural.

Activities to do at home

Quaker Chewy is made with 100% whole grains and other delicious ingredients, and is a convenient snack that parents can feel good about giving their kids. There’s something for every taste bud, and classic flavors everyone will love, including Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, S’mores, PB & Marshmallow and Chocolate Brownie-licious and Dark Chocolate Chunk.

The best is that their classic flavors have at least 9g of whole grains in each bar and 100 calories or less per bar. They don’t contain artificial flavors or added colors.

Camp Chewy is IN SESSION and get going with your summer camp activities at home!

One thing you can add to your activities with kids is Mini Pie Making Kit from Table Talk Pies. It’s so much fun for kids to do with you.

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