7 Super Easy Hairstyles for Girls (Got You Covered for the Week)

I’m all about sharing some super easy hairstyles for girls. When I had Victoria I would dream about someday being able to do her hair and (finally) the time is now! I love creating styles in her hair, but I always make sure they’re simple. I don’t like complicated and I don’t like anything that takes over 5 minutes (she can’t sit that long!). I also love that I can do many of these hairstyles on my own hair.

7 Super Easy Hairstyles for Girls

Super Easy Hairstyles for Girls


I wanted to share 7 hairstyles to get you covered for the week. I know it’s not always easy in the mornings trying to get everything done and on (then) on top of that, hairstyles for your girl(s). I love sharing these because I know how it is to need to get up and out and these hairstyles are perfect for that kinda morning and life!

I’m going to share all 7 super easy hairstyles below and the hair tutorial video to go along with it! I just want to let you know, too that these are some of my favorite hairstyles. Have some fun with these!

Hairstyle #1: Super Easy Braid Hairstyle – Add some FLAIR to you basic braid!

Super Easy Braid Hairstyle

Hairstyle #2: Easy Twist and Wrap Ponytail

Easy Twist and Wrap Ponytail

Hairstyle #3: Easy Braided Bun

Easy Braided Bun

Hairstyle #4: Super Easy Ponytail Style

Super Easy Ponytail Style

Hairstyle #5: Cute Knotted Ponytail

Cute Knotted Ponytail

Hairstyle #6: Simple In-and-out Ponytail

simple in and out ponytail

Hairstyle #7: 1/2 up do messy braided bun

Braid wrapped bun 1/2 updo

I hope these super easy hairstyles work for you! I had some fun sharing 20 back to school hairstyles for your kids, too!

Try this super fun and easy shamrock ponytail on your girls, too. It’s a perfect St. Patrick’s Day Hairstyle, too. This might just be the centerpiece.

I also share hairstyles every single day on Instagram and TikTok, too! Make sure you follow along!

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