5 Simple Hairstyles for Girls Anyone Can Do (I promise)

I’m all about simple hairstyles for girls and easy hairstyles for girls. I’m someone who loves to do my daughter’s hair, but I know I can’t do any complicated or intricate styles. I’ve always needed easy, quick and practical.

5 Simple Hairstyles for Girls


I’ve been sharing some of the easiest and cutest styles (ever) on my blog for moms and dads to try on their girls! When I was a kid my mom would do some super cute styles on my hair for school and I wanted to do the same for my daughter. I loved going to school with a cute hairstyle to show-off!

Fast forward to today, I want my daughter to have that same kind of feeling. Right now more than ever our kids are feeling the weight of the unknown this school year. They’re wearing masks and having to stay 6 feet away from each other. Creating fun hairstyles are some of the cute things to do because you can *still* show off a hairstyle with a mask!

I’m going to walk you through the (5) SIMPLE HAIRSTYLES that are perfect for back to school time for the kids.

#1: Easy Twist and Wrap Bun

I love this style because it’s so simple and cute. If you love to wear buns in your hair, this is a definite go-to for you. It’s just one of the cutest little styles ever and it’s one that I love to do on Victoria’s hair whenever I can.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

#2: Twist Around Ponytail

This is the easiest style of all! I love this one because I know my husband (even) my sons could do it on Victoria if I needed them to do it. It’s a cute style, but also a great up do to keep hair off her face for back to school time.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

#3 Triple Flip Braid

Victoria LOVES braids, so this is an easy one for me to do on her hair. I’m telling you right now, I’m horrible at intricate braiding. I need something doable and practical for me to do. These braids are so simple and so cute. They really work well for anyone with long hair.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

#4 Simple Double Twist Ponytail

I made this one up with my son Henry! He films all of my TikToks! We have so much fun sitting there trying to come up with a really cute style. This one I love because it looks hard to do, but it’s super easy! As you can tell I love the styles when the hair is an updo and off of her face for school.

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

#5 Ribbon Style Braid

I love this style because it’s classic and adorable. Believe it or not, this ribbon in her hair is a shirtdress belt! She grabbed it from my dress and has worn it so many times. It’s so cute! I love how pretty it looks once it’s done!

Simple Hairstyles for Girls

I’ll be sharing a ton of hairstyles here for moms and dads! I want these to help you out while you’re getting your kids ready for school in the morning!! Check out my post from last week, 5 Back to School Hairstyles!

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